Paypal makes me mad!!!

  1. i recently have two payents with paypal, one within the country echeque (5thJul), another exchanging currency to US bank transfer (8thJul). And i was suggested the expected clearing date is on 16 and 17 th respectively...
    and i have read many reviews of paypal which said sometimes the money maynot reach the seller on the exact clearing date, i am so worry and it seems as slow as snail...but i can never cancel the payment! i just hate it!!!!!! i swear i shouldnt use it anymore...its too slow...i will have expect after all payments are clear its WEEEEEKSSSS time for my item to be delivered!!!!!!

    could anyone advice me if this gonna take ages??????
    i am so regret using it and feel so stupid....!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just want my lovely bag to arrive sooooon!!!!!!
  2. Do you have a credit card? You should use a credit card to pay for your purchases with paypal. For two main reasons, firstly the seller gets the payment instantly so you will get your purchases faster and second you are protected by your credit card company should anything go wrong.
  3. i used the debit card instead because they actually don't give the chance for me to choose, it instantly said that my payment is i have not really choose any method...sigh* i knew i should have choose to use cc...
  4. You can choose. :yes: The default method might be a debit card, but there should be a link below it called "more funds" or something like that. If you click on that, you should be to change to your credit card if it's also linked to your paypal account.
  5. do you know if the seller be able to cancel my payment before the money actually reaches or clear? i wonder if i could ask them to cancel it and i do it by other method...
  6. I don't think the seller can cancel anymore... the money is for a couple days in the air..... so to speak... for the seller this form of payment is actually good as he/she doesn't' have to pay an extra fee..
  7. Actually, if the seller has a premier account (and all sellers are suppose to have one), they get charged a fee if you send cash direct, an echeck, or a credit card so it doesn't matter. But everything else leanbeanee and hkloosterman has said is correct. In the future use a credit card, it is so much safer. If you have an AMEX, that is the best card to use because they will protect you in anyway if Paypal or another creditor wouldn't. I hate Paypal, too, but at the same time, it is such a convenience.