Paypal Makes Decision? Now What?!

  1. I decided to post this in a new thread because the case is closed but I still need some answers. I posted this as a follow up to my initial saga (duped on eBay) but received questions about debit card policies in europe? Neither the seller or me are in Europe (we are both in the US) and I'm not sure why readers thought this when I posted this in the follow up. Here is what paypal wrote me back:

    "We have completed our investigation of this case. We attempted to process a refund from the seller's account to your account. Unfortunately, the seller's account does not contain the funds necessary to cover this refund. We were able to recover $200.00 USD. We have taken action against the seller and are working to recover the remainder of your refund. We will contact you when we have more information. No further action is required of you at this time."

    Do you think paypal is doing anything? Has anyone else been in this situation?
  2. Sorry, but this happend once to me and never got the rest of the money back. That's why is better a chargeback from a CC company.
  3. I think it sounds like they are trying to solicit the remaining balance from the seller. Who probably removed the funds from their PP account to $0 balance and the sale was only protected by Paypal up to $200 - Maybe :shrugs:
  4. The seller only had $200 in Paypal seller protection. If you paid via CC, do a chargeback. My friend had this happen to her, since she had used paypal funds she never got any more than the 200 refunded of the 4k she paid for 2 fake chanels.:sad:
    Sorry this happened to you, try the CC company.
  5. wow..that REALLY sucks!

    I hate PayPal's service sometimes. It's great to pay a seller in terms of them never seeing your information (e.g. credit card number), but PayPal seems to really suck at any real buyer protection. I've got my own argument with them going on right now and finally just went straight to Visa as Visa seems to actually care about getting a customer's money back when duped by a seller.
  6. I'm sorry to hear your situation.
    I've gotten so discourage with paypal :sad:
  7. If paypal has made their decision, and you paid with CC, yes, you can still do a chargeback. Good luck!
  8. What about the transactions that have up to $2,000 buyer protection? Say the item in dispute was worth $500.00 - will Paypal only reimburse the buyer up to the amount that is in the seller's Paypal account (which could be zero). I always assumed it was like a free insurance policy but maybe I'm wrong.
  9. ^ It's DEFINITELY not like a free insurance policy. In fact, I've discovered that when it comes to some situations (like this one and my own) that PayPal lets the sellers get away with very little or no punishment for being rotten lying merchants.