Paypal Limited my Account!!!!

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  1. ARG!!!! Paypay restricted my account!!!!
    I was trying to transfer money from paypal to my bank account which was about 2k.
    After the transaction... they reversed the money and put it back to paypay!

    And sent me an email stating that they are limiting my account due to unusually high volume of transaction!!!!:wtf:

    This is the what they limited me with
    and they said they will review my account with the information
    I provided them and I will know within 3 days the outcome of their review.

    What can I do while my account access is limited?
    [​IMG]receive payments
    [​IMG]add funds by an electronic funds transfer
    [​IMG]place logos into your auction listings or on your website
    [​IMG]update your account information

    What can't I do while my account access is limited?
    [​IMG]send or request money
    [​IMG]close your account

    And I need to pay some stuff I got!!!
    Just wanted to RANT!!!!
    sooo FRUSTRATED!!!!:hysteric:
  2. that has been my biggest fear since i started selling my higher end bags! I hope you get it resolved soon!
  3. That's terribly frustrating I hope it works out quickly!
  4. did Paypal give you a reason at all?? This sounds really scary.... is it a personal or premier account?
  5. Thanks Ladie's!

    I called paypal and they didn't give me a clear reason...
    just that there is questionable amount of transaction, and they said its for my protection too...:confused1:
    its a premier account.
    I sooo need to pay some LV bags... (good deal too!):P

    They should be the one to apologize to the sellers!:hysteric:
  6. Oh boy, they did that to me 3 months ago and they reversed my withdrawl request because they decided they wanted to see INVOICES from all my SUPPLIERS! They are my own personal bags I sold. I had to dig up over 20 receipts to satisfy them. They refused to look at my feedback to see I sold my own bags. It took forever to get my account back and was very traumatic for me. If they arent satisfied with what you provide them they have the right to HOLD your money for up to SIX months and then it wi ll be released to you. Keep us posted. I hope it works out quickly for you.:heart:
  7. OMG,,, that's really terrible !!

    Just wondering whether it could happen even the Transfer of Money is completed?? ? Do they have the right to reverse the withdrawal with your bank???
  8. Oh My Gosh! That is Terrible! I would be so upset! Keep us posted...we are all behind you Sarsi!:yes:
  9. Yikes! This is horrible...I really hope it works out.
  10. Gez, what do they do to the sellers that are selling these ten to thirty thousand dollar Hermes handbags?
    I hope you are able to resolve this quickly.:flowers:
  11. ^ hopefully those birkin sellers aren't using paypal..... i can't imagine the fees on something that costs 10-30k !!!
  12. I hope it all works out. Keep us informed. I'm so sorry.

  13. Wow what dramas eBay and Paypal creates everyday for poor honest sellers :sad: The bright side is they are trying to be careful about where the funds are coming and going but seriously, there must be a better way to do this. Creating angst for their honest sellers is really bad press :sad:
  14. OMG Sarsi exact thing happened to me! They won't let me use my cell phone to confirm and then after ONE try they disabled that function and said a letter has been mailed to me. I called paypal rep and told him that my address is the same with my credit card and the driver's license I faxed in. Then they said they have that verifed and what they need is to verify my "business address" which I put as my work. I was like WHY?? And he didn't give me a clear answer to it. I am so frustrated now the buyer already received the bag, and the 2k is in my paypal account sitting... I need to pay my bills!!!
  15. too! SAME EXACT THING!!
    About a year ago I had $2268 in my paypal account ready to transfer to my bank. I woke up the next morning after receiving a few more payments and my account was limited. It was a huge hassle and especially because I use most of that money I receive for my bills. :crybaby:

    They held my money on lock for 180 days!!!

    I was so pissed! I couldn't do anything about it. They weren't satisfied with any of the information I faxed..etc..:cursing: :cursing:

    I finally got it after waiting 6 months.
    NO MORE PAYPAL FOR ME! and especially after the recent scam I was a victim of!! Never again!