Paypal limited my account and asking for receipts!

  1. hi guys, I just opened a paypal account a week ago and have completed 3 transactions. Today I received an email from paypal saying that they had limited my account activities and asked me to fax the receipts along with the phone number of my suppliers to get my account reviewed. The items that I sold were from my personal collection and were boungt long long time ago, thus I am not able to provide the receipts, so what can I do to solve this problem??
  2. I'm sorry you're having Paypal troubles, Crystal. Paypal/eBay lost a lawsuit last year regarding handbag reselling, IIRC. You should put into writing what you said here - and put down to the best of your memory where you got your bags - whether they were gifts, for example - and fax that to Paypal.

    If you can't provide proof that you have owned the bags for awhile - or where you bought them, if they are recent bags - they won't reinstate your account any time soon. You'll have to start another account, if you can. Paypal doesn't want any more lawsuits about unauthorized selling.

    But your best bet is to put into writing how you got the bags and let Paypal know whatever details you have. For example, if you had pictures of your personal collection or yourself wearing the bags in the past - that would surely help your case. You should be able to call Paypal and talk to a customer service person - if you have pictures or whatnot, and you get a nice one, they might reinstate right away. But get your proof together first.
  3. This happened to me with 3 bottles of nailpolish fgs. I bought them from Harvey Nichs ages ago, and the have limited my account, just yesterday I bought 2 bottles of nail polish from HN, so I was wondering if I could fax those? Anyone have any idea if that's possible?
    I mean I even got +feedback for the items I sold so it's really annoying that they limited the account, lol.
  4. They want to know you are an hosest seller. They put flags up if you are a new seller and suddenly list alot of designer stuff. They do want receipts. You can read the eBay PayPal Discussion Group., There are some people there that can help.
  5. Please file a complaint I am
    check this link, its time people tried to band to gether to stop this clandestine organization destroying decent people reputation and lives
    The ombudsman at the FSA would love to hear your complaint,
    but first you have to jump through a few hoops.

    Make a copy of your eBay listing.
    Copy all emails from your buyer.
    Copy all emails from Paypal.
    Copy any feedback your buyer left.

    Send this by recorded snailmail to;

    PAYPAL (Europe) LTD
    TW9 1J

    The compliance officer will have 5 days to acknowledge your
    mail and a further 8 weeks to ivestigate and reach a

    In your letter, be sure to mention that you are contacting
    them on the advice of the FSA and mention as much of the
    detail of your claim and reasons for dissatisfaction with
    their service

    If the outcome of your letter sent is not in your favour and
    you still believe you have reasonable grounds for complaint,
    Then you should complain to the ombudsman at the FSA.
    FSA complaint form is here;

    Phone;0845 080 1800

    If the ombudsman takes up your complaint, then, win lose or
    draw, this will cost Paypal £360.

    Good luck.