PayPal item not recieved guarantee???

  1. Can sellers say that they are not responsible for lost shipments when they don't have tracking information? (Registered Mail from HK)?

    I ask because Im considering buying a wallet from someone in HK but they say unless I use EMS that they are not responsible for lost shipments. The EMS is $50!!!!! As compared to Registered which is $10.

    Basically, If I choose to save $40 and use Registered and the item does not arrive, I am covered by PayPal no matter what the sellers policies are, correct?

    What are y'all's opinions on this?
  2. Good question. The seller will have to prove date and method of postage which seems to be quite difficult unless they use the EMS service they have mentioned. Paypal should cover you in the event of the purse not turning up. I would double check the feedback too just to gauge whether you are likely to have hassle with the seller.
  3. The seller is only covered as long as they said the parcel with a tracking number.
  4. awesome.

    thanks y'all!