Paypal issues trying to pull a fast one

  1. So I sold a almost brand new epi on eBay, the bidder won it for 405. She told me she lived in NY and if we could meet rather than ship the bag. I agreed and got a strange email from HER not Paypal. I checked paypal because maybe they just forgot to notify me but no, there was no 405 in my account. So I told her that when my account is credited (provided her with email) I would gladly meet with her and give her the bag. Thats just strange and I hope she didnt send someone else the money. Has this happened to anyone else.

    Dear xxxxxxxx,

    You've got cash!

    This email confirms that you have received an Auction Instant Purchase Payment for $405.00 USD from (higest bidders name) (

    Payment Details

    Purchased From: xxxxxx
    Transaction ID: x

    Item #: x
    Item Title: xxxxxxxxxx
    Item URL:xxxxxxxxxxxx
    Quantity: 1
    Price: $405.00 USD
    Subtotal: $405.00 USD


    Shipping & Handling via Local Delivery or Pickup to 113XX $0.00 USD(includes any seller handling fees)

    Shipping Insurance (not offered):--

    Total:$405.00 USD
    Note: Hey: I sent you an e-mail with info on when I like to pick up.

    thank you!!

    xxxx xxxxxs CONFIRMED Address

    queens NY
    United states

    Receipt Number:
  2. Paypal doesn't forget to send you an e-mail when money is deposited...if she generated this e-mail then it is clearly phoney and she is trying to scam you. It's always a red flag (from reading these threads) when a buyer wants to pick up from a seller in person...this sounds VERY suspicious. I would tell her that you didn't get the money and you will not meet her until you have confirmation from paypal.

  3. I agree with windycityaj!

    She is scamming you!

    I would forward this email and all the information you gave us to eBay immiediately!

    eBay email:
  4. It just kills me the length that people go through to cheat you...please let us know what happens!

  5. It's fake because the fees would of been deducted.
  6. WOW! What a scammer. I can't believe some people. I have never seen that scam before. I would file a complaint against her and send that e-mail to Paypal and eBay. Unbelievable what some people will do.
  7. It's a scam, be careful.

    I've once had someone email me and said that they've already paid by Paypal and insisted that I ship by the next day. I checked my Paypal account and nothing. Even then, she insisted that I ship it quickly. When I firmly declined and asked her about the "Paypal payment", she then gave a flimsy excuse of "oh, I actually sent to a wrong Paypal address. Anyway, can you pls ship it quickly? Once Paypal returns me the money that I'd sent to the wrong address, I'll send it to you again." ???!!! Again, I said no, and the buyer finally stopped emailing me. It's amazing what some people can come up with.
  8. Never accept PP with a pickup. Cash or maybe a USPS money order only.

    I would contact ebay T&S on this one. Do live help from ebay homepage.
  9. Forward her email to I agree with the others, she is scamming you. The nerve of some people. I am glad that you caught onto her before handing over the bag.
  10. This reminded me of a story...about a month before Christmas, I sold a Coach wristlet to a buyer that stated they were purchasing it for their girlfriends Christmas gift. They paid with PP, I sent the item. In January I get an email from the buyer asking me if I had shipped the item yet because they were still waiting, and if I did ship it, did I have delivery confirmation. I emailed them back saying that I was a bit surprised that they had waited until January to ask about an item that was purchased for a Christmas gift...then I gave them the delivery confirmation number, and told them the exact date and time the item was delivered. Surprise, surprise...I never heard from them again and they are now a "no longer a registered user".
  11. Never accept Paypal when you are not shipping it. You will have no proof of delivery. Always have the buyer bring cash and never had over the item until you count the cash.
  12. sounds like a scam...AND i would never do a pick up because even if she pays thru paypal and you do get your $$ ...she can pick it up and then tell paypal you never gave her the item!! Even if you have emails where she tells you she wants to pick it up she can lie and say she spoke to you etc... and say it was agreed that you will ship instead of pick up. YOU then will he held accountable!! remember paypal protects buyers not sellers.