Paypal issues - legit or scam?

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  1. Hi everyone! I had been following the threads on paypal scams and fraud, and lately I have not been able to pay using paypal because it says I reached a limit (which I know I cannot have reached). It keeps asking me for my bank account info, which I do not want to put in, given all the recent scams. I even called paypal and the person on the phone said well we do everything about the scams but this is legit you can give me your bank info over the phone - um yeah right.
    anyway, what is really wierd is (and I told her this) I had added this info - so why is it asking me to do this again. She said well you did so a long time ago and looks liek you removed the bank - I todl her i dont remember doing this.

    Any ideas or suggestions?
  2. Hmm.. this may be better in the eBay forum. :yes:
  3. go check your paypal account...see if you have indeed removed your bank details

    or are you unable to log in to your account at all

    coz when you log in you can see an overview of your transactions so you can keep track of your payments