Paypal Issue/Problem.....Please help....

  1. I purchased an LV wallet last month and paid by paypal. Everything went smoothly, got the wallet, happy and exchanged feedback. Yesterday, I received a surprise email from the seller after almost a month saying that the payment was reversed and she assumed that I filed a claim. Then I rang my credit card company that comfirmed that they didn't do the reversal. Email and rang paypal and this is their reply:

    "I do apologize for the inconvenience that you are experiencing with this situation. You are trying to send money to an account which is under watch for its potentially fraudulent activities. To investigate these potentially
    fraudulent activities of that account PayPal, has placed that transaction on temporary hold. Once the investigation is completed your funds will be either release to you or the other party. You will be informed accordingly. This transaction has been reversed."

    Now, the seller is pushing for another payment which I can understand. She first asked me for my credit card no so she can charge it directly but I refused to give it to her then she emailed me another money request from another paypal account. According to what paypal is saying it is possible that in the future, they will re-reverse the payment once the investigation is over so should I make another payment to her right away? She even already filed an NPB with ebay which means if I don't pay within certain time, I will get a strike.

    Paypal's response actually makes me worried as she might be a fraud and recently she got 3 negative feedbacks in a row too....I don't want to cheat on her money but I also don't want to pay 2x for this wallet if paypal do re-reverse the payment as I am not sure if I will get my money back then.....What should I do?
  2. Why don't you tell the seller the truth (that her account may have gone through "fraudulent activities")? And tell her that once the investigation is through, the transaction will be completed... Any reasonable person would be able to understand this. Besides, why would paypal investigate her anyway?! She MUST have had some kinda fraud going on, and i'm sure she's aware of it herself. I mean...SHE's at YOUR mercy now...Even if she does report you on Ebay, can't you do the same to her?! Anyhoo, i don't htink it's right for you to pay something twice, so hold on to 'em $$$!!!!!!!!
  3. I would get in touch with Ebay, or, at least try to, and see if anything she does to you could get reversed...I dont think I would tell her about Paypal...she either knows, or, if she doesn't, paypal might not want her to. I don't think I would tell her though, but, since they so willingly gave you the information, I'm sure she knows, which, is why she e-mailed you with a second account. I'd notify Paypal about her other account though...just my 2 cents :smile:
  4. I wouldn't recommend paying her again. You might get billed twice for that wallet and then you'll have to go after her yourself after paypal stop investigating her. Let paypal handles it and see what happen. You might want to talk to ebay about this situation too.
  5. I would definitely NOT send another payment.

    You paid. It is not your fault that her account is under investigation. That is out of your hands and you are not responsible for that in any way. The issue is actually between the seller and Paypal, not the seller an you.

    Let the investigation run its course.
  6. You still have the wallet right? I am assuming it is authentic. Technically, paypal still has the funds which.. it really doesn't belong to. I would not send another payment but I would return the wallet to the seller until it is settled. The seller is out of money and the item.
  7. DO NOT send back the wallet. If the money is in fact released to the seller YOU will be out of money and the wallet. I agree, let the investigation run its course and tell the seller what paypal told you. I am sure she does already know - at this point she is hoping that you don't and that you will send her money, hence the other account. Call her bluff with the info. from paypal - she'll wait.
  8. I'd be sure to get the wallet authenticated, and unless you have the money back in your paypal /bank account or back on your c/c I wouldnt pay again.

    I would send the seller an email stating you havent go the money back, that you've checked your account and there is nothing. That you have got an email from paypal/ebay stating they are looking into things ( I have no clue what this about) but the email has indicated that once its straightened out the money will be released. Until then sorry but my hands are tied as I paid for the item and its now paypal that has the money. Please feel free to contact paypal and take this up with them.
  9. You did nothing wrong.
    If Paypal is holding the funds, then inform the seller what you were told and tell her that when the investigation is over, and the money is returned to you, THEN you will pay her again.
    But don't pay her MORE money and keep the wallet in your possession (get it authenticated)
  10. DO NOT pay her again and DO NOT send back the wallet. Wait till PayPay resolves their issues!
  11. I would say, I did pay you. Paypal is holding your money because their investigating you. You need to take it up with them. I sent your money, they received your money, they are holding your money. See them for your money.
  12. You already PAID for the item, this is out of your hands!

    You need to tell the seller that they need to wait for Paypal to complete their investigation. If they have a problem with this they should take it up with Paypal.
  13. Wait until paypal resolves it.
    You do need to take care of the NPB thing. Response to it via ebay, and give them every single bit of information you have (including the info regarding the original transaction and this new info from paypal).
    You shouldn't get an unnecessary strike because of paypal/seller's messups.
  14. I agree 100% This is not your problem in any way. This is between seller and paypal. You may also want to consider having having the wallet authenticated.