Paypal is putting a temporary hold on a payment I received

  1. A buyer from Thailand recently did a BIN on an authentic Louis Vuitton bag that I had listed and paid immediately. Within 1/2 hr of receiving payment, I noticed that Paypal put a temporary hold on the payment and stated that they are reviewing the transaction. I'm not sure what happened and what led them to think the transaction was suspicious. The buyer's shipping address is not confirmed. Could this be the reason why? Should I be concerned that the transaction/buyer is a potential fraud? Has this ever happened to anyone? Any feedback would be great. TIA!
  2. I guess PayPal suspicious your buyer is unauthor user in PayPal acc he using to send you payment. It'll take a long time to wait PayPal review the case even more than 1 month. Just reversal ( right? ) the payment and ask your buyer to send you another method or use another paypal acc.

    It's may by your buyer checkout from myebay but finally use different paypal acc ( under different email add & name ) to send you payment.
  3. There is a possibility the credit card/paypal account isn't registered in Thailand, yet they want you to ship to Thailand.

    Paypal reviews these because often it means a paypal account was hacked into...your buyer might be legit, but I would be careful.
  4. Wait until the payment clears before sending out the bag!