Paypal is getting on my nerves!!!!

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  1. I sold something last week and there was a hold placed on the funds. I called ebay and they said wait 21 days or submit tracking number which would show that the person was in receipt of purchase and they would release the funds in 3 days. Well what a bunch of BS, I was told today when I called that I was told the wrong information and would have to wait for the 21 days. I sold another item today and at least I had alot of correspondance with the buyer and I'm sure they will leave me feedback when they receive it in 2 days. Sorry all...I just had to vent..:-0)
  2. no, the 2nd person you spoke with was incorrect. I assume you meant You spoke to someone at paypal not eBay.

    When the item is delivered call paypal and make sure they confirm the package as delivered. They will release money within 24 hours.
  3. Yes I spoke to someone at Paypal. He did say it is because I am in Canada (the buyer was Canadian also) so I don't know if that made a difference because the tracking number does show that the item was successfully delivered. I did ask him also will it be automatically released once she leaves feedback and he said yes. I told him well it better because I don't want to have to call back. He said oh oh maybe it won't be :sad:. I also told him it is ridiculous that paypal holds our funds for 21 days making interest while the seller has no money to show for their sale. I just went and mailed off what I sold today and know that I will get feedback upon receipt. Thanks coachfreak for the answer..I am cool in the pool now :smile:
  4. Hmmm good question about your location but I really don't think it would make a difference. I just think a bunch of people should get together and do a class action lawsuit about companies like Paypal and Google Checkout holding money without paying out interest. They are already collecting a fee as the middle-man, they should NOT be able to hold money at whim and collect interest on the float.
  5. ^^ I agree with that! And, I actually thought about that the other day. If I am not able to use my money, I should be collecting interest. I have not had a hold placed on my funds as yet, but I will have to try to find in the "small print" where we gave them the right to do this.
  6. I'm confused with the 21 days hold by Paypal. I noted this 'change' so I thought any fund from Paypal would sit for 21 days and/or after feedback will I be able to withdraw the money. I recently sold something and to my surprise, I was able to withdraw the $ right it account dependent? or they just overlooked my account? which I don't mind at all

  7. Update: I emailed the buyer yesterday and told her I would appreciate if she could leave feedback for me since my funds were on hold. She did it today and my funds were still not released. I just got off the phone with paypal and asked them why it was not done automatically like I was told yesterday. I also told her about another sale I made which the buyer will be receiving tomorrow and we have had nice communication so I know he will leave me feedback tomorrow and asked do I have to call again tomorrow to have my funds released and she said most likely...But I did mention to her again that paypal sits on peoples money gaining interest and what do the sellers get? She said she does not know about paypal getting interest...yeah right!!!!! :cursing:
  8. omg...i hate paypal!!

    I just recently sold the same thing and it's been shipped to Japan so it takes about a week to get there. It's such BS that sellers cannot touch their own money until they get the buyer's feedback. Who gives them the right to do that??? so furious right now!!