Paypal is down! I can get into my account. please check 4 me?

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  1. Hi,

    Im trying to pay right now for an item on ebay, but when I try to go into Paypal, is tells me there is a problem and to try again later.

    Can someone try to get into there account now and tell me if its just me??

    Im in the UK, but I use (not

  2. I managed to get into it, but reeeeeeeaalllly slowly and when I clicked 'pay' froze and said that Paypal are experiencing difficulties and to try again later!!!
    Now I cant get into it again.

    Flipping eck! They take their fees quick enough, but when I need them they snail to my rescue!! *tut*
  3. Hi Halzer,

    I tried to pay for something too and I got an error message saying the site is temporarily down. I was weirded out because it's never done this before and was wondering if I got redirected to one of those phantom fraudulent paypal sites. I'm relieved to know it isn't just me.

    I'm going to try in a few hours and not worry about it.
    Take a break and I'm sure it'll be back to normal in no time. :yes:
  4. I'm trying to pay someone too and it won't go through
  5. Halzer don't keep trying as that's when it does weird crap like double charging you and stuff
  6. Phew!!! Thanks guys for putting my mind at ease.

    I had images of my account being cancelled for some reason. What a pain in the neck this is.
    Mind you, at least the seller doesnt want immediate payment, or I probably would have lost the item by now.

    Mooks...I managed to click 'pay' before it crashed again, and then it said the transaction hadnt been completed (no reciept etc) Do you think there is a chance it went through?
  7. If you had no receipt then it shouldn't have gone through. Wait for an hour or so and it'll sort itself out :smile:

    P.S. Check out my post on the Deals & Steals thread, there's a sale on you might fancy
  8. Yes. I know, I'm trying to log onto Paypal right now so that I can get my buyer's address and make sure that their address is confirmed. GR!!!

    I hate Paypal.
  9. I attempted to access PayPal late last night and received page stating "undergoing regular maintenance, sorry for the inconvenience." The stated time frame was six or seven hours. It's twelve hours later and I've had no success.

    Can you imagine the backlog this is creating? If they aren't up and running soon things could get very complicated. :hrmm:
  10. Friday morning is their maintenance time, same as eBay, but this seems to be a site issue rather than them working on it. I'm sure it'll be up and running before too long
  11. I've been trying to print out a shipping label :nogood: thought it was just me- what a pain- hope they get it fixed soon
  12. ^^^ Yeah, I bet. :huh: I had no idea this went on for so long! I need to login also! :Push:
  13. OT - Halzer, your avatar is awesome! And slightly distracting :lol:
  14. yeah its not working for me too, I thought it was just my account, phewf, thank goodness!
  15. I just got a receipt for payment but my ebay purchase still says "pending". Glad to know it's not just me. I love tPF!!
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