Paypal Investigation HELP!!

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  1. So, I sold my Coach Carly to a buyer in Mexia, TX about a week ago. She asked that I send it to her sisters house because she lived in a sketchy area of town and the bag could get easily stolen, so I did (I know, first mistake). The seller loves the bag and left positive feedback but now PayPal has taken the funds out of my account because THEY have decided to investigate the transaction. So, I have the delivery confirmation slip but my PO allowed my to leave the address spot blank in this case (I was thinking, in case of a chargeback I could put in the correct address) since the bag WAS shipped to Mexia, TX, same zip and everything, and that is all I thought could be tracked through the P.O.

    So I have two options, fill in the correct Paypal address on the delivery confirmation or send the REAL address I sent it to and hope it gets resolved. I DID insure the bag too.

    What should I do!? Help!!
  2. Have u call pp and ask why they suddenly decided to investigate the transaction ?
  3. Yes, they said they in the e-mail:

    To protect you from problematic transactions, we sometimes request
    additional information about PayPal payments.
    We need more information about this transaction. Please log in to your
    PayPal account, click the "Resolution Center"tab, and provide more
    information by 2/10/2009.
    We recommend that you not ship the item until our investigation is
    complete. If you've already shipped the item, please log in and let us know
    where you shipped it.
    We have placed a temporary hold on the funds until we complete our

    Obviously I have already shipped the item, the buyer paid this time last week. When I called they told me they just needed to check that the payment was legitimate because there might be some fraud going on with the Paypal account. How/WHY is that my responsibility? Shoudn't they have just stopped the Payment or asked me not to ship right when payment was sent!?

    SOOOO frustrating!!
  4. They just need info, and when we use PayFoe we agree to provide info whenever they request it. It seems they're investigating the transaction. That's all. In any case, if you met PayFoe requirements at the time of the sale and shipping of the item, you're covered against unauthorized payments under Seller's Protection.
  5. This happened to me as a seller...paypal flagged a payment, and I got notification right before I was ready to ship (I mean I was about to walk out the door with the package and happened to see their email). Fortunately I did not ship because the buyer had hit ~100 auctions, and all her payments had bounced and were continuing to bounce. By the time the bounced payment alerts started coming in, she had hit my auction, which is why Ppal flagged our transaction. It's just that it takes some time for this to happen, and the buyer had hit hard in the tristate area...presumably because she would have the highest chance of getting most of the goods and then running. It usually takes some time (couple of weeks) before the payments are reversed, so a lot of damage can occur before anything is done about it.

    What happened is those sellers who qualified for seller protection got their money refunded right away if they had already shipped the item. Those that did not meet the criteria lost both item and the money. I was contacted by about 5-6 sellers who fell into the latter category, and I think they had planned to sue (some of the trans. were for ~$3k amounts).

    Not saying this is what happened to you because sometimes they do flag randomly..but... I would contact Paypal, and then I would search this person's buying history for the last month, and then contact the seller(s) of the oldest transaction(s) to find out if they had any problem with this person.
  6. You should be ok. Even though you did not send it to the right place. As long as the buyer tells pp she got her package.
  7. You need to tell Paypal the ACTUAL address you shipped it to. If there was delivery confirmation (which you should have used) this will give the actual delivery address as well. Also your shipping receiptif USPS will have the city and zip of where you did indeed ship it to, so stay honest and let Paypal know the truth. You should be ok.