Paypal & International buyers

  1. Hi everyone,

    Is it possible to print a shipping label straight out from Paypal when an international buyer has paid?

    What about the customs form?

  2. Yes, you can print the label and the customs form through Paypal.
  3. You can print the label and the forms through paypal. When shipping internationally you will need the buyers phone number.
    Also if shipping you plan to ship Express you can do it through for a 5% discount!
  4. wow thank u so much!

    all this time..I have been doing it at the P.O which takes up so much time.

    So the only thing I need is to bug the buyer for their number.

    Got it!

  5. Thank U Soooo Much!
  6. Oh I didn't know you could do that! Good to know now!
  7. ^^^^ I KNOW!!

    I am seriously so happy to know this! lol

    Just printed out my 1st international label too!

    Does any1 know it gave me 3 pages? (3 labels)

    1 for the package, 1 for the P.O, and 1 for me?
  8. Okay nevermind---I figured it out & was right.