Paypal inquiry. Help needed ASAP

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  1. Ladies and gentlemaen, this poor soul has a problem.

    I paid for an item on ebay via paypal and got all the confirmation. A few hours later I received an e mail from the seller and here it is :

    "Sorry. I logged in paypal this morning and I got this message that I have to proivide some identification material in order to view my account. Then you money showed and I did a stupid thing--I thought I was sending you a receipt but actually I refunded you the money by mistake! You can check you credid card and once you have the confirmation that your money was received you can try to pay again.
    Right now I am sending them the requested information in order to be able to use my account further"

    My question is : Is this possible? I have yet to received any refund on my credit card even if I received the refund notice from paypal. Where will the money be sent? CC or Paypal account? Plus what will happen next? How do I re-pay for the item when the item has been sold to me? Will this second payment be covered under the ebay protection?

    Please advice on what to do.. I'm so nervous now.. $3000 is not small money.. : (
  2. If you paid with CC, the money will showed up on your CC, and not your Paypal account. If the Seller send you a new invoice from the original transaction on eBay, you will be protected. Do not pay if the seller send you Money Request via Paypal, as the payment would not show on the transaction as you paid thus you are not protected under the eBay Buyer Protection.
    I do not really believe that the seller hit the wrong button and refunded you by mistake, but who knows. I think this Seller maybe can not accept CC on her Paypal and your payment was actually showed as unclaimed, but I am not sure.
  3. If you had the refund email then yes, the money will go back on your card and you can pay again, maybe just give your CC company a quick ring to check it's gone back on before re-paying ? Just to be you said, it's not small money !
  4. You should have received an email from Paypal saying the payment was refunded. You can log into your paypal account and check the transactions and it will also show if you were refunded the money. Either way, I wouldn't pay her again until you see the money back on your credit card.
  5. The refund back into your CC will probably show up in about 2-3 days. I got refunded on tuesday by paypal for a claim and it didn't go in till today. If you check your paypal history section it should tell you if you have been refunded. But I will definitely wait till you see the money back into your account before you pay her again.
  6. The seller has to provide that ID because they are now in receipt of funds over a certain amount - it's a default stop and your transaction would have tipped it (it's a standard Paypal procedure to reduce fraud). She did the right thing by contacting you the way she has. Like the others have said, sit tight until you get your money back and then she can invoice you again. Credit card refunds never show up immediately.
  7. Ok, I will not pay until the money is back in my CC but how will the seller invoice me? Is there a way to do this as a seller? I wouldn't know coz I never sell anything on ebay before... help please
  8. Yes, it's very simple - she just invoices you from eBay. Don't worry as long as you get it via eBay - insist that this is the case.
  9. Yes, she can re-invoice you from that eBay transaction.
  10. She just e mail me saying that in her ebay account says that I have yet to make a payment.. I'm so confused! If so, where do I go to make payment?
  11. You need to call Paypal and get this sorted out through them and not via e-mail.
  12. You have yet to make a payment because she refunded you. SHE needs to call eBay/Paypal and get instructions. Tell her to contact you with a new invoice when everything is in order.
  13. ia.
  14. ^ Thanks, all. I'll try exactly that. Will update later
  15. I got in touch with my credit card company and their policy is that the refund will only show in the account after 15 days! Dang! This is truly a never ending story! : (