Paypal info/tip

  1. I figure most of you ladies know this-but, did you know that you can get a Paypal debit card that is connected to your Paypal account?

    I know a lot of people are leery of Paypal and like to transfer the money out of their Paypal account into their checking accounts right away-but, that transfer takes about 2 days! If you have the debit card-you can just go to any ATM and withdraw your money and have it in your hands immediately! it also has a mastercard logo on it-so, you can use the debit card to purchase at any store that takes mastercard.

    I got my card a couple of weeks ago and it is great!
  2. Great tip. I have one that I use for business things.
  3. oh yeai have one of these. it says i'm a business premier card member. haha. my sister just found out about it after i told her i could pay for lunch with paypal. LOL!
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