paypal - how much?

  1. I'm really hesitant to take paypal on my online store. One time I took paypal for an auction item for an old paddington that I had (an apology gift from my exhusband!) and my account was frozen! They wanted all kinds of info and I eventually got past it (they wanted my "supplier" info ... what, my ex?!). I finally got it unfrozen when I sent a copy of an email from the woman who ecstatic with the bag.

    Anyway, I wanted to know whether anyone had problems with this. PP wouldn't tell me why this occurred, but I think it was because it was a high priced item. Since then i went out and got a merchant account to accept credit cards. But I've had a couple requests to take pp for my online store.

    What has been your experience with this and how much can you safely get paid through pp?
  2. Ugh! I have sold many high ticket items, in the four and even five figure range, and have never had this happen.
    I honestly don't know what to tell you!
    Are you registered with PayPal as a basic account, or one of the Premier or Business accounts? Maybe that makes a difference.

    If you upgrade your account, by the way, your PayPal fees for receiving money go down a slight bit (like, a fraction of a percent).
  3. yes! I tried paying by paypal and my account got frozen. im still trying to resolve my case.. and since im not in US now (my paypal account is based in us and im in uk), it takes forever to resolve the case. esp the part where we have to confirm our location. im so mad at paypal. :sad: