Paypal :How do you withdrawl/cash/transfer money?

  1. Hi.

    I am just wondering if I wanted to cash in or withdrawl my money from my paypal account, What options do I have??

    Can they mail me a check? transfer to my bank account?credit cards??

    Has anyone ever had a problem with paypal taking their money??

  2. i have it transferred right to my bank account....however, they will always take a certain fee, so make sure you read up, and do it all at once;)
  3. when you click on the "withdraw" tab in paypal it will give you a list of options and an explanation of each.
  4. I withdraw it to my bank acct but ebay never takes a fee from me for that transaction. Under that option it is listed as "Free". You can get them to send you a check. Takes about 2 weeks and there is a charge for that (Don't quote me but maybe 2.50). They don't however send to PO boxes.
    They never have taken my money. The transfer to the bank takes about 3 business days but on one occassion several years ago, it took 8 days.
    I've been Ebaying for 8 years and Paypal has never given me a problem. But I draw my cash out fast since I do sell some high priced Hand Bags and never want a horror story of my acct being frozen should some bidder decide to scream Fake in ignorance.
  5. I always draw out my money fast too - but even if you do and you have a dispute with a buyer, they will debit your account so you are left in the red...
  6. It really helps to read as much as you can of the PayPal FAQs, and other descriptive info from them-they are the bottom line on all related issues, and it also makes following some of these threads easier-I've used them for 6 years for all sorts of things, never a problem, glad they offer an alternative to "check in the mail!"
  7. so there is no safe way with paypal from freezing your account because of some malicious buyer?