Paypal .. how do i get it to go to my bank account?

  1. i sold something on eBay~~ *my first time selling, yay*
    but i dont know how to transfer the money to my bank account~

    i tried once. and they said it was rejected or something?

    can anyone tell me how to do this?
  2. Is your bank account linked to your paypal account? That may be why it was rejected. I'd call paypal and see what's up.
  3. I have my paypal linked to my Checking account. I'm not sure you can link and send money to your bank acct. I'd call paypal and see what the problem is. If you can buy items and use your checking acct funds you should be able to send money to there also.
  4. Of course you can link PayPal to your bank account. You have to set it up ahead of time, and the NAMES on the accounts have to match, but I do it all the time. I just WITHDRAW money, as opposed to using the SEND MONEY tab, and it takes 3-4 days for the request to clear into my bank account.
  5. You must not have your bank account linked to your paypal account. I do the bank transfer to my account all the time. You will have to go into your profile and see if you have your account added.
  6. You can also request a PayPal Debit Card. Of course you have to pay a fee every time you withdraw money from your PayPal account. But you'll have access to your money right away. PayPal charges $1.00 per transaction plus the fee from the bank where you make the withdraw. This works great for me if I need the money right away instead of waiting for the money to be transfered to my bank account (this is free) but takes about 3 to 4 business days.
    Hope this information help you.:yes::yes:
  7. Just link it to your checking account as mentioned before.