Paypal Horrorstories - post here!

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  1. Hi all (mods I hope this is allowed),

    I may be over my head but...

    As you might know, I have been a victim of a pretty clear scam. Yet, although I have piles of evidence supporting it and there is proof (from the buyer) that this is clearly a fraudulent claim, Paypal has stood by... and has done zilch.

    I have talked with many victims out there who have been affected by this... I just wanted to hear some stories.

    I have started a blog and a petition, if anyone is interested in signing so I can at least get some media attention to the way that Paypal chooses to do their business practice. Also if you would like me to publish your story (anonymously of course or with just stating your state/province or alias) let me know...

    I hope this can help get awareness and maybe some real banking institution will start up an affordable alternative to online processing.
  2. Sorry to hear of all your troubles. I hope you get resolution soon. I truly admire your dedication but with eBay and PayPal intrinsically linked, I can't see them going away anytime soon. Best of luck and keep us posted.
  3. Thanks for the support. I know that they won't be able to be fully shut down but at least if someone can do some investigations in their practice could really tighten up the way they do business and it would be a lot better for us shoppers and sellers!
  4. I suggest you circulate that link to as many websites as possible in order to get signatures
    good luck with it
    If I had read the agreement before hand there is no way I would sign up to Paypal there no ones Pal