paypal holding the funds?

  1. I paid for an item using my bank account, paypal emailed me saying the funds were still uncleared after 3 days so I figured to be safe just to cancel the payment until the seller got back to me (and btw, the seller is really slow with responses). So I was wondering why the refund isn't showing up on the paypal balance, I searched it on the site and it said that paypal would hold it for 60 days and it would be available after 60 days!! Is it true??? Can they really hold my money for 2 months? Also, if its true how will I be able to pay for the item once I've gotten a hold of the seller?I've purchased a lot through eBay but never had any complications until now, please help. thanks :heart:
  2. cancel this post... I got the advice I needed.. now I just have to wait it out til the 10 days and hope the seller responds