Paypal holding payment. ???

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  1. Paypal is holding/pending a payment I made for an item a few days ago. Does anyone know what's going on with this? I'm assuming it's part of the new policy. I have money in the account, so I don't understand why there are holding...
  2. You may need to contact them to find out why. They may well be doing it to protect your money
  3. if the seller's paypal account isn't premier, they have to click "accept payment" for your payment to go through. maybe your seller hasn't clicked it yet?
  4. its usually nothing to worry about most of the time...either is been a long time since you used your paypal account..or the amount is very big :smile: but yeah if ur freaking out you can call paypal :smile:
  5. The only time I have had this occur was when the buyer had to re-verify his credit card. Have they asked you to do that? You really need to give PayPal a call. My buyer had made the payment, it was in my PayPal account, and PayPal called me to tell me they were investigating his account. He had a $20,000 line of credit on his card and it made no difference. It still took over a week for him to be able to pay me. And this was with both of us calling PayPal several times a day! It's sooooo frustrating to try to pay for something and not be able to. My buyer has not bought on eBay since.
  6. Either that, or seller's account recently got temporarily suspended. Suspensions are not uncommon, occurs when seller has x number of disputes or claims open. I forgot what the magic number is, I think might be 5.
  7. This happened to me out of the blue, but it was just a standard thing I think. I did everything they ask and after many phone calls and emails, the account was restored.
    Bit of a pain though!!