Paypal hold on established seller

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  1. I've been selling pretty regularly on ebay for over 12 years with a spotless record. I've been selling consistently in the same category for the last 3 or 4 years. Over the weekend I sold two items and the second of the two now has a hold on the funds. The only reason I can figure for this hold is the fact that the other item (a premier bag) was a much higher price than the bags/accessories I usually sell. The funds were released right away for the pricier bag, but not the cheaper one that sold after. What I'm wondering is how many transactions following this one will they continue to hold the funds?
  2. Just as you suspect, I bet also that it's because the pricepoint is higher than your usual items.

    And I'm also guessing here too but because you're established, they didn't hold your funds on the first sale but when there was a second shortly following, they did it just to be safe.

    By "releasing the funds" for the first more expensive item, I'm assuming the "release" allowed the withdrawal. Probably the fact that you removed the funds from the first sale quickly caused them to question your motives.
  3. I actually haven't withdrawn the funds from the expensive sale yet since I like to wait until a week or two after the item has been delivered with no issues.
  4. Mainly I was just concerned with how many items they will continue to hold.
  5. I thought by "released," you meant you were able to withdraw.

    I have no idea whether they'll continue to hold the funds. They will eventually get released but they just want to make sure the money is available should there be a dispute.
  6. Yeah, I could withdraw if I wanted to for the one. I suppose it's not a huge deal, I was just hoping it wouldn't be 10 or 12 transactions because sometimes I do like to move the money around.
  7. Update fyi: on the third sale after the large sale it seems that paypal has stopped holding my funds. Don't know if this is standard procedure for everyone or case by case though.
  8. I've never seen any rhyme or reason as to why they do this to established sellers.

    One of my more conspiracy-like theories is that perhaps there is an issue with the funding on the buyer's end; like maybe the buyer has a history of problems, so they hold the funds, not caring which side has the problem as long as they get theirs either from the buyer or seller.
  9. I've been buying and selling with a spotless record for nearly 15 years, and one of my items sold had this hold placed on the funds unexpectedly. I called paypal, and they said that this has been randomly happening lately to established sellers, and they are not sure why...but she assured me that it is a one-off, and that I am have a flawless record. She said the funds will be released 72 hours after delivery. Annoying to say the least. The rep was very nice, and apologized...and said she had no way of overriding it. Hopefully they will correct their system, and it won't happen again.