Paypal hold my money -

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  1. so, im having a dispute from a buyer. paypal automatic hold my money (the amount she paid). i decide to refund her after i receive the item back.
    now paypal is holding the fee, and create a negative balance in my account - let say -150. this morning i have other payment come in, for +50, the balance now become -100.
    so, when i refund her, how do i do? how do i do to take the fund paypal is holding to refund her?
    or i will have to use my own money first then call paypal to release it later?

  2. Before you refund her money, call paypal. They are very helpful and will walk you through the whole process, so you don't have to transfer any more money!

    Good Luck!!:tpfrox:
  3. yea, i second that. calling paypal is always more helpful and you don't want to be out double the money while waiting for paypal to take the hold off your account.
  4. I would call paypal, but if she has escalated to a claim then you can give paypal permission to refund once the item is returned.
  5. ill call paypal when i receive the item and ask them to instruct me to refund her. thanks everyone.
    btw, she has not escaleted it yet
  6. Sorry this is happening to you. I didn't realize Paypal freezes a seller's funds when a dispute is opened, I thought it's done only when a claim is started.
  7. they dont freeze my account, they just hold the amount i "OWN", that's really sucks because when you get money in, they automatic included in the negative and when you need to pay something, they make me pay the balance first, then my payment.
    like i said above, i "owned" them -150, i have +50 come in, the balance becomes -100.
    now, if i want to make payment for something, say 20.00, i need to pay paypal -100 first, before making my 20 payment.

    that's damn sucks.
  8. paypal are ruthless!! and will do anything to keep your money. The best thing to do is certainly call them, sometimes the ppl over the phone are more compassionate and help to get your dispute sorted. The online hlpe section is useless and will only make you mad because sometimes it makes no sense.

    Let us know how it goes!
  9. I'm so sorry that you're having to deal with stupid paypal. Hoping that it works itself out quickly for you.