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  1. I'm not sure if this is the correct thread for my situation, but it has to do with Paypal. I'm really hoping someone can give me some advice. I'm really upset and worried. I bought some $650 shoes that were too tight and I returned them the next day. It has been 10 days now and what concerns me is that this is the first time I ordered on BlueFly and I used my Paypal instead of my credit card. I contacted both Bluefly and paypal yesterday and I'm getting the run around. Bluefly told me that they submitted my refund to PP 5 days ago, but when I called PP and spoke to the supervisor she told me they have not received any refund from Bluefly and there is nothing they can do. She told me I will have to contact my bank, but I did not use my CC. The supervisor at Bluefly emailed me a screenshot showing they received the shoes back and the reference number that shows they refunded PP. I'm so mad, because either Bluefly or PP has my $650 dollars and the shoes I returned. If I contact my bank they will not be able to get my money back, because PP took money out of my linked checking account. Can anyone give me some advice? I will never use PP again to buy anything not on ebay!!!
  2. Why don't you get the supervisor of Bluefly to contact the supervisor of Paypal.
    They're not going to believe you, but they'll believe Bluefly because bluefly will have a transaction # for the paypal payment and they can track your refund through that #.

    If Bluefly refuses, start making demands, they have a transaction# for the refund and that's all they need to show paypal to get you your money back. This is Bluefly's problem, so get them to deal with it.
  3. Thanks so much for your advice. After I called Bluefly back and spoke to the supervisor I had him email me the snapshot of my refund with the reference number to paypal. I then called PP back and spoke to the same supervisor and she gave me her email address, so I could email her the email from Bluefly and the snapshot. She told me that PP has an account manager that just deals with Bluefly(one of their big customers) and told me she would look into this. I just tried to open a dispute through paypal, but they just closed it since I'm not protected. Your only protected if you don't get the item you bought if it's not from ebay. I'm so mad. I need to be refunded the $650. I will never buy anything off of Bluefly again or use PP outside of ebay. I will be contacting Bluefly again when they open this morning and stay on top of this until I'm refunded. I will also be contacting PP. They cannot steal $650 from me.
  4. I'm sure you'll be refunded. Bluefly is credible. It could be a processing delay, but as I said, pp will be able to find your refund based on that transaction ID.

    Time to get a credit card on the paypal.;)
  5. I'm hoping it's just a processing delay too. I do have a credit card linked to my PP, but this was the first time I did not use it. I thought it would be safe to just use funds out of my linked checking account. I will take your advice and use my CC from now on. Thank you for your help.
  6. I agree, Bluefly is usually great. I've purchased and had to make returns several times. They always refund the money. It may be taking longer becuase they have to work with Paypal (I usually pay directly with CC).
    Hope you hear something soon :smile: