Paypal has put a hold on payment but wants me to ship now

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  1. Okay, I have heard of this happening and now it has happened to me. A buyer has sent payment (she's also unverified and has 0 feedback!) and will not release the funds until I ship the item?! Shouldn't that be illegal? I don't know of any store that would ship an item first without being paid first. This makes no sense at all to me. Any advice?
  2. I would contact paypal.. doesn't sound right to me
  3. I believe that if you have less than 100 fb, PP will hold your money for like 21 days unless the buyer leaves positive fb or you enter the tracking number and PP will release the funds after delivery is proven.

    It really does stink and then you have these buyers who don't even bother to leave feedback!
  4. You have no choice but to ship.
  5. Yea, my dh has 1 negative out of almost 3,000 positives. A buyer did not receive an item and my dh refunded her asap and she still left a negative. So, once tracking is entered they release the funds? Or once it says delivered? That's just really sketchy. Thanks for replying!
  6. yes, they will release the funds when you enter tracking, get feedback, or 21 days. whichever comes first. it is just a random check on seller performance.

    and you have been paid. the buyer sent you payment. it's just that if you want to be a paypal customer, you need to abide by their (sometimes weird/nutty/crazy) rules. One rule is they randomly will hold your funds (they are yours and just on hold) to see how you perform as a seller.

    just ship as soon as possible, provide tracking to paypal, and/or wait for feedback/21 days.
  7. I think it's three days after it shows delivered. On the fourth day of my recent sales, I called PP and they released the funds while I was on the phone.
  8. Great, thanks!
  9. After 8 years Paypal now just decided to hold funds I have received recently for eBay sales. I have shipped one item already, but I think you have to wait until either they (seller) leave positive feedback or item is delivered for hold to be released .It is ticking me off, because it has NEVER happened to me before, in all the years I have been a customer. My hope is that as soon as these items are delivered, I will call and have hold removed. Can't rely on feedback because some buyers don't leave it at all and I am not comfortable asking for pos feedback. Good luck OP.
  10. I would call PP and check this out. Because they may investigate and tell you NOT to ship. But you need to call and find out...even if you have to wait on the phone for a while, it would be worth knowing if and how you are covered. If she is unverified and has 0 FB, I would be concerned enough not to ship flags for sure. Could be a hijacked account.
  11. when they put the hold, if it is to check seller performance, they will specifically send a message saying you are to ship right away, as you normally would, and upon feedback/tracking/21 days you will recieve the funds. it tells you not to do anything different than as a normal sale.

    if it was being held as a suspicious sale, they'd send you a different kind of message.
  12. Update on my situation....I have spoken to reps at PayPal via email and today they released all my funds. I explained (politely and nicely) that I did not understand why the funds were held, when I have 100% buyer satisfaction, never had any disputes or anything, have had account for over 8 years, and am not selling any cell phones or electronics...and they released the funds!!!!! For once a happy story about PayPal. I would be persistent and they may release funds. Good luck!