PayPal Funds Hold Question

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  1. I won an auction on eBay and the seller sent me a PayPal invoice. Problem is, she didn't go through eBay to send the invoice (so there is no connection to the auction number). The seller went directly through PayPal and told me she had to do that so that the funds would not be held. Seller says the hold would be 90 days.

    Does PayPal hold seller funds that long? I thought it was 21 days or until positive feedback is received (whichever comes first).

    Also, is a buyer still covered by PayPal if payment is made as a money request instead of auction payment?

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    Don't do anything off ebay if you want to be protected. Sounds suspicious. Tell her you will only pay through official ebay/PP channels. You will not be protected through PP if you do this, I am pretty sure. Maybe you should just ask to mutually withdraw the transaction if she insists. You can report her to ebay for non-performng seller.
    You might want to post the link so others can check out seller's legitimacy. The only way I would do that (pay through "send money" with PP) is if I already knew and trusted the seller.
  3. no - for buyer protection you must pay via clicking the pay now button on an feebay auction or invoice or by going through the pay for my ebay items link on paypal. from the paypal user agreement:

    13.3 PayPal Buyer Protection
    1. What are the eligibility requirements for PayPal Buyer Protection?
      You must meet all of these requirements:
      • Use PayPal to purchase an eligible item on eBay.
      • Pay for the full amount of the item with one payment. Items purchased with multiple payments – like a deposit followed by a final payment – are not eligible.
      • Send the payment to the seller through:

        • The eBay "Pay Now" button or the eBay invoice, or

        • The "Send Money" tab on your PayPal account overview page by selecting "Pay for eBay Items" and entering your eBay User ID and the eBay item number.

    That changes the protection you have. As the seller she just has to accept that the 21-day hold may be imposed. She is still obligated to send the item while Paypal holds the money.

    I would actually pay using the eBay auction number and then report them once you have the item or immediately if you want to cancel the transaction. She is trying to circumvent the system and it will reduce your buyer protection.
  5. I took your advice and refused to pay unless the seller sent the invoice through eBay. The last email I sent to her said that by her not willing to invoice me properly, it has made me suspicious of her motives. I told her to send an auction cancellation and the next thing I know she is not registered with eBay any longer. I am now sure she was a scammer. Thanks everyone.
  6. You would be covered under item not received but not under SNAD. Go to send money instead, list the auction number, and pay that way.