Paypal Frustration need help!

  1. I've been waiting since March 25 for an ebay paymt from a girl in Germany to clear my paypal acct. I called paypal today since it's been 2 weeks now. Supposedly it's nothing on my end but hers, something is holding the paymt up but they can't tell me what. She has to call Germany paypal and find out what's going on, so I emailed her.

    Problem is I REALLY need the $ by Friday as I have to make some paymts and was counting on this money to do so. Can I demand at this point that I must receive the funds by then? Not sure how to handle this. And if I don't receive the $ I'm going to be short and won't be able to pay for the items that are patiently being held for me :sad2:

    Oh why do I have so many issues LOL. Nothing is ever easy!
  2. I have had this problem. I truely hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it literally took 2 months to get it cleared up. No matter how much I argued and pleaded, they would do nothing to help me. And to this day I have no idea why. Urrr! I hate ebay and paypal. Goodluck to ya!
  3. it may not be her fault, it could be her bank. international finance can be tricky.
  4. Right I totally didn't blame it on her but asked her to see if she could figure out what's going on. It's def something on her end. I thought she was using Paypal funds or a CC - which I may ask her to do so that I can receive the CC funds today and then refund her when the paymt to me finally clears from her bank :sad:
  5. Agreed with Organic, it is most likely a hold up between the banks - e-cheques are a pain in the proverbial rear end, i paid for an item once and it took 10 working days to clear, so it was over 2 weeks before i got my item.:blink:

    It may be that she hasn't got the funds in her account, or funds may be only just be clearing in to her account and Paypal are waiting on that.

    Hold on in there!;)
  6. Well it's almost 10 working days so maybe that's key LOL! I have done intl before with no problem so it must have been either paypal funds or CC paymt, NOT funds transfer. I don't even accept that and didn't realize she paid me that way until I saw it in small print. Now I know better!
  7. Depends on how she funded her Paypal payment, ie, via credit card or echeque.

    Echeques can take weeks, via Paypal. DO NOT send good though, till they clear, as they can bounce.

    There could have been a problem if she has just set up the account, with Paypal validating the account. This, could also take weeks.

    I guess your options are; either wait it out, bearing in mind, not to send any goods till you're sure the payment has cleared, or, refund the original payment, and ask her to pay you via bank transfer, which from Europe to the US will take 3 days, and cost her a good bit to do.

    Good luck!

  8. That's a good idea to have her pay today and then you just refund the funds back to her with they clear. Sometimes, international transactions can be a real pain. I would think that at this point, she would really want her item, too! Hopefully, she will be more than happy to accomodate your request! Hope you get your funds today!!
  9. Great idea!

    Judging by the amount of time it's taken to clear, i'd say she definitely paid using an e-cheque, which is a transfer from her bank account (not instant bank transfer) to yours, that needs to clear, like a personal paper cheque.

    Sometimes Paypal will spring the e-cheque system on a buyer if they pay for several items at once, if you pay for each item separately, in my experience, you should be able to always do an instant bank transfer.
  10. Kathleen it says "electronic funds transfer" on the bottom so I'm not sure if that means echeck? Unfortunately paypal doesn't give me an option to stop the pending status and issue her a refund as it hasn't even cleared my acct yet. I am going to ask her to do a bank transfer like you stated.

    What I don't like is that paypal has no clue what the holdup is and won't even tell me. How frustrating.

  11. Definitely e-cheque...
  12. Figures! Does that mean that it should clear any day now??? It's been since March 25, so that's almost 10 business days Friday.
  13. It usually has an option to decline the payment???I have just started using paypal( guys are making me terrified of it!!!LOL!)and the one time I used had the decline option...yes???
  14. If you sign into your paypal account, if you look in your transaction history, from memory, you either have to click on the "details" button, or there should be a "refund payment" button somewhere on there. (I've only had to refund a payment once.) It should definately be there, as using the "refund payment" button, also refunds any fees incurred with the orginal payment.

    I hope you get it all sorted ok!

    Good luck!