Paypal free shipping?!

  1. I'm so confused... I just sold my Coach pouch for a VERY, VERY low price, and I noticed the buyer subtracted shipping costs from the total when she paid me. When I asked her to send me the $9 for shipping, she replied:

    What is this?! Paypal hasn't credited me for shipping costs...

    Someone please help! :confused1:
  2. Sorry, I can't be of much help. I have never heard of anything like this. Usually when you use a paypal coupon, it shows the seller receives the full amount and the discount was paid for by paypal.

    Did the buyer substract the shipping cost when they paid you? I think they have to still enter the shipping amount, but then paypal will cover that amount. Maybe if they did not enter a shipping amount, paypal paid nothing for the shipping.:shrugs:
  3. I've personally never heard of something like this, but it's the buyer's problem to make sure the shipping gets paid, not yours. I wouldn't send it. I would refund her and tell her you're not familiar with the code, but you can't ship it until you receive the full amount due, including the shipping charge. As far as I'm concerned, it's her problem to figure out how to use this code, if its even legit.
  4. I think that may be what has happened the buyer has deducted the shipping herself instead of letting Paypal do it with the coupon. You could try refunding her & starting the transaction all over again, this time telling her to leave in the ship costs & Paypal should pay you for them. I think as she is communicating with you she should be willing to try this. Good luck
  5. there hasn't been any paypal codes floating around. paypal hasn't had any promotions lately.
  6. Sounds a little fishy to me..she may just be trying to get away without paying you for shipping. I agree..refund and start again.
  7. just refunded her with an explanation. hope this works out...

    thanks for the responses, everyone!
  8. Good for you!:yes:
    It was really cheeky of the buyer to expect you to foot the cost of shipping especially if she'd got a good deal to begin with.
  9. I've used a few Paypal discount codes but not recently. Paypal would automatically deduct the discount not the buyer.

    And yes, hopefully it all works out!!!!
  10. I have not heard of a paypal code of really any kind in over a year, and even then, they weren't for shipping, they were just a flat percentage or dollar amt off. The only promo right now is the $15 rebate you could register for on a transaction over $30. I would refund her money, tell her she has 2 days or whatever to send you the full amount or you are reslisting. I sell A LOT on eBay including lots of handbags and I don't take crap from anyone. There are too many people out there that want designer purses. GOOD LUCK!!!
  11. The buyer should not have discounted the shipping, then the discount would have been on zero dollars. The codes usually deduct the amount at the end if they are valid. She should put the shipping back in and apply the code. If the shipping amount does not get deducted, then her code is not valid.
  12. Don't ship unless you get the money either from her or eBay... just refund like the people have suggested above. $9 might not seem like much, but it is part of what you are owed.
  13. Maybe I'll try that code on my next purchase. LOL j/k ... I did a search on another forum that catches every promo code out there and this one didn't come up at all. Either way, paypal pays for the shipping, and the seller would receive the original amount without ever knowing a code was even used. She just deducted it since it didn't work and hoped you'd deal with getting the rest from paypal.
  14. I think this buyer is trying to do something fishy. She figures you will accept the $100.00 just to avoid relisting the item plus taking a loss on your eBay fees. Tell her you need to receive the $109.00 and have her contact Paypal so they can honor her promotional code, which I honestly don't believe exists.
  15. Make sure you have your seller preferences set so that the buyer can't adjust the total and shipping.