Paypal Fraud on my account

  1. OMG I am so mad. :cursing:

    I rarely use my paypal account but I logged in today to see that some else has been using my account to accept money and transfer to their Nationwide bank account to leave me with the fees.

    The person has used it 5 times all on the same day to accept 5 different transactions from a peron called martina smith .. for items such as a television, VCR, Priter etc .. all amounting to around 600 UK pounds thats around $1200.

    They have left my MY paypal account with fees up to 85 pounds ($170) for their bank transfers . OMG how the hell did they hack in:shrugs:. Thank god they did not use my cards .. well their wouldn't have been much money on them ( poor student :roflmfao:) ... but OMG:s.

    I cant ring pay paypal till tomorrow morining as they are shut ... I'm just so angry and in shock .:crybaby:
  2. You should also find out from your bank or CC also. Someone must have had all your info to open a paypal account with your name.

    My husband's Visa card was flagged twice within 3 months. Visa even cancelled and gave him a new card. Someone used paypal and made several transactions from a few dollars to several hundreds. His Visa company caught on and called him immediately and cancelled the card for the 3rd time.

    I don't know what it's like where you live but we think that this fraudlent activity was probably done at restaurants we go to because when we pay by credit card, the waiter takes your card to the cash to swipe it and during this time, we think this is where our info was taken.
    All they need is a name, CC no. and expiry date. We now no longer us CC for restaurants.
  3. this is fraud and when you call paypal you must be very assertive tomorrow. the amount involved is immaterial. I would suggest closing your paypal account if you dont use it much. If you hadnt checked this could have gone on for ages. Its not your fault, but there is so much fraud, I think the less we have the easier it is to keep track of it.
  4. omg... that soudns bad...i ewill have ot check my paypal often:tdown:
  5. Thanks guys I will definately do that
  6. :cursing:Look at all this activity on my account none of it was me... and I have no idea who this martina smith is ... even though i have their address... i bet its a fake one too.

  7. That's horrible, and scary! Hope you get it all resolved soon.
  8. omg yikes. good luck on getting it fixed. i would think it would be no problem since its not your fault at all.
  9. OMG, that's so scary. Sorry you're going through this, I hope all works out!
  10. Hope you get it all straightened out! Let us know how it works out.
  11. OMG that's just crazy. I bet they sold a bunch of items and then keep passing the money from PayPal to PayPal. there's a chance that the Martina Smith account has been also hacked. How this happend? Simple, the hackers send fake emails to PayPal members that look legit. (like please log in to verify your account, account has been limited, bla bla bla) Then when the member clicks on a link provided it redirects you to a "fake" login page. You unaware that it is not Really PayPal gives them your email and password.

    Every time you receive an email from PayPal, you MUST write yourself, sign in and verify if there's really a notice. Or just forward the suspicious email to
    So sorry this happened to you. Hopefully everything will be resolved soon :sad:

  12. Genie's right. Even the most intelligent of people fall for this so you are not alone.

    My husband works at a small biotech company. The CEO of his company (who is also a scientist), did the exact same thing. Received an email from (in this case Wells Fargo), told him to log on to their website for some reason, he clicked the link, logged in, they stole his info. Because husband is in IT, he had to help the CEO do some damage control.

    It's tough right now because scammers are always trying to find new ways to attain your info.

    best of luck in your fight and keep us posted!