Paypal Fees

  1. I've had an account for years but never understood why everytime I recieve $ a certain percentage gets taken away automatically.

    Do you have to be a Premier account to use Ebay and paypay at the same time? Then what are personal accounts for?

    Also does anyone know what is the % taken away everytime someone transfers funds to your paypal account?

    And my last question - I've heard its safer to use credit cards for both purchasing and selling with paypal? Is that true or are debit transactions just as good?

    Sorry for so many questions, I am very bad with reading small prints.
    Thank-you again, you guys are awesome :yahoo:
  2. my understanding is:
    there are 3 accounts: personal, business, premier.
    all are free to SEND $.

    but RECEIVING $:
    - personal account - free to receive; but cannot receive cc payments.
    - business - 2.5% fee to receive any payment. able to receive cc payments.

    you can use ebay w a personal account, no probs - but you cannot receive cc payments on those. it's a problem only because lots of ebayers purchase on cc; but you can specify in your auction that no ccs are accepted.

    what i do is set up 2 accounts, my DH and i. so we have one personal account (free to receive payments), and we have a business account (to enable us to receive cc payment, but with the 2.5% fee).

    you can upgrade your account for free and easily, but cannot downgrade it back, i think.

    CCs are safer because you have double protection - both paypal and your cc company offer some level of fraud protection, so if one fails you can hope the other will cover your situation.
  3. thankyou holly!
    *argh...I wonder why I set up a premier account then! I guess I wasn't no downgrade ? Thats not fair... I've used paypal maybe 4 times in the past 2 years obivously I am not in any form of business :sad: Bummer
  4. I thought that on ebay... for sellers willing to accept paypal, that you must allow ALL types of payments with this method, cc included. Lemme check real quick.

    Ok, I found it... PayPal Payments Policy
  5. business account is the same as premier account; you can accept payments from buyers. The fee for receiving payment is anywhere between 1.9% +$.30 to 2.9% +$.30, depending on your sales volume from previous month. Once receive more than $3000 in payment that month, you can apply for Mechant Rate- 2.5%+ $.30.

    For International trading, you'll pay Cross Border fee

    If a buyer pay with e-check, you'll see 'pending' transaction on your PAypal account until the fund transfer from your buyer (usually fund from their bank account) is cleared.

    For the buyers: in filing a dispute regarding a transaction (item not recived, counterfeits, 'lost' merchandise), they can only chargeback if they use credit card (not a debit card that also acts as a charge card) as their source of. Especially with counterfeit items, it's really hard to get a refuns using Paypal Dispute....they almost always require you to proveide authentication letters, which we all know are impossible to get from manufacturers/dealers. SO the only way you'd recoup the money is file a chargeback thru your CC.
    I've learned the hard way...bought fake pair of jeans using fund existed in my Paypal account, I was pretty much SOL:cursing:

    Sorry for the long post....HTH ;)
  6. Actually I believe PayPal will allow you to downgrade from Premier to Personal but you're only allowed to do it once. Go to their Help, search for 'downgrade account' and the instructions should pop out.
  7. Negatory there, Batman. It's a rule now, as of August 2005, that if you accept Paypal on Ebay, you MUST accept all forms of payment. Your auctions will be shut down and you can be suspended for specifying which payments you accept through Paypal.
  8. Debit cards used as charge cards have the same chargeback rights. I wondered about this before and went to the mastercard website. Any card with their logo has the same protection IF you use it as a credit card. Only difference is you go thru your bank's main office instead of calling the credit card company.
  9. Yes, I always use my debit card, my bank works faster than CC company and paypal. They recover my money at no's usbank! Very impressive!
  10. I ALWAYS try to have the buyer pay by eCheck...they have to wait a few extra days to get their item, but the fee is only up to $5.00 MAX! It can get annoying trying to explain it all! LOL!

    AND I just learned from this thread that I am eligable for the Merchant Rate! WHY DID I NOT KNOW THIS BEFORE!!!! I am such an idiot sometimes...Oh the money I could have saved!!! LMAO!!!

  11. True, I had a listing pulled by ebay because I stated no credit card payments...if you accept PayPal you have to accept PayPal payments. Also, you can downgrade from a Premier or Business only ONCE ever. I encourage buyers to pay via Personal Check or MOney Order (in 7 years I have never had one bounced check), and I pay alot via check...I personally hate PayPal.
  12. As a seller, I love personal checks and US Postal Service money orders in particular - no paypal fees! However, paypal is a cost of doing business, just like accepting credit cards directly would be, so if you are in business you have to incorporate those expenses into your business model.
  13. Yeah when I started out selling things a few months ago I used to have the no CC's thing on my auctions but so many people were paying with CCs that I was tired of emailing back to tell them I didn't accept them and to pay with another payment. It's not like I was selling expensive things (just random things like old magazines I didn't want anymore), so I guess I didn't really think people would be paying that way. I'd only had a personal account since I'd only been BUYING, not selling. But anyway I was tired of dealing with that so I started accepting CCs. I don't really notice the fees that are taken out because like I said, it's not like I sell super expensive things anyway. :yes:
  14. So if I down grade to a personal account, I can still recieve money right? Just no CC transfers?

    Thankyou for all your help!
  15. I've been trying to find the link to downgrading my account but cannot find it. Is there anyone who could kindly direct me to it?

    (i've emailed paypal but haven't heard from them yet!)