Paypal Fees

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  1. When I first started out w/paypal a while back, I never got charged any fees when someone sent me money. I'm being charged 3% on every amount sent to me for quite some time now. Do you know how I can fix my acct so I won't get charged fees anymore??? What will I be limited to accept on my acct if I do this? Is it because I can accept CC payment? I can't even recall why I'm being charged the fee it's been so long.

  2. They charge the 3% if the person who sends you money uses a credit card. If they use an "eCheck" (basically transferring money from their bank account) you won't be charged any fees. If you just have a Basic account, not Premier or Business, you can't accept credit card payments. So most likely your account is Premier, it is very easy to upgrade your account from Basic to Premier, but I'm not sure it's that easy to downgrade your account, you might have to call them.

    I've found that a majority of people like to use credit cards, so if you just have a Basic, you'll have to specify that you only accept eCheck payments.

    Oh, and the downside to an eCheck is that it takes 3-4 days for the funds to clear (like a check I guess). With a cc payment, you have the money immediately.
  3. i think some people have 2 accounts. they just ask in advance what form of paymen you'll use and give you the email to the paypal account accordingly.

    wasn't the percentage 2.9%? or did they raise it??

    i have a premier account and now even if someone uses their debit card i still get charged...even though before i didn't.
  4. Yep, I just have two accounts (well, one's my dads), so I can avoid the fees when I can but otherwise can still accept payment !
  5. Opening a 2nd account is a great idea - should have thought of that sooner!!!! Thanks girls.
  6. yep, they skim off EVERYpayment into the account if you accept credit cards.
    Because of that, I just opened a 2nd account - but that was a PITA!
    I had to have a 2nd bank account number and credit card # to get my funds out, but there's NO WAY IN HELL I'll allow Paypal to skim off everyone of my sales. It's theft, plain and simple IMO.
  7. I hear ya Twink, they took out almost $50 on one auction I had. I couldn't believe it.
  8. Swanky and Kathyrose such a major ripoff! I am furious especially when I receive a BIG paymt and they skim $50 right off the top. For what??? :cry: :mad:

  9. I canceled my paypal...IT was a royal PIA set it up and the one sale i used it for..I got charged the 3 %..NOT worth it.....what a scam!
  10. Me too; it really sucks. Especially when you are selling something for a break even price. After paypal fees, you are then down quite a bit. :mad:
  11. how does having 2 accounts help? don't they always charge the 3% if someone uses a credit card ?
  12. eh.. i'm fine with paypal.. i get charged the fee, but i've seen people say in their auctions, "if you pay with paypal, i will have to charge an extra 3% to cover paypal fees" and people in general are okay with that. i've thought of doing that, but i really dont care enough to do it.. aka: haven't sold big ticket items.. the most expensive thing i sold was my porte valeurs and that was like $220ish or something.
  13. You just tell them if they want to pay w/ credit card to send it to, accept CC's on that one only.
    eBay does require now that if someone wants to pay via Paypal w/ credit card that you MUST accept it. So 2 accounts is the only way to go for me.
  14. As a Buyer, I'd NEVER pay the extra % personally. I *think* it's against eBay's TOS to do that anyhow{?}
  15. Think of it this way (not that I agree!)... Paypal is providing a service. Department stores and the like pay a fee to accept Visa & Mastercard. It's basically the same idea. I think many sellers charge a steep handling charge just because of this cost to sell on eBay. Listing, final value fees, Paypal fees and cost of materials, it adds up quickly! As a buyer I hate handling charges but I do understand the reasoning.