paypal experts! to do list???

  1. just logged into my paypal account and next to my balance table is a 'to- do' list now - which is new.

    it tells me that I should confirm my bank account - long story cut short I had done that but then the bank had stopped allowing transfers which resulted in paypal de-confirming (if that makes sense)

    so now they want me to re-confirm, as in 'have to' or 'could do'?


    oh I should say no other kind of communication about this
  2. i guess you need to reconfirm as a lot of sellers won't send to unconfirmed addresses anymore
  3. thanks. yes but that would be my choice, right? I mean, does paypal require me to re-confirm my bank account???

    I may just have to ask them...
  4. actually, this seems to be for bank funding, not address confirmation.
  5. I'm having trouble with Paypal as well. It says I entered in all the correct information but that the credit card I'm using is already assigned to another Paypal account. (I don't think it is.....if it is, I can't remember it must have been so long ago. I've had this credit card for years and years now and it's my only one.) I don't know what to do. I can't remember my old Paypal account if I even made one, and I really want this bag, but I can't buy it until this is all figured out. Any help??