Paypal Expanded Use Program

  1. Hi everyone,

    I have enrolled into the Paypal Expanded Use Program last Friday. However the 4 digits have not appeared on my Credit Card Statement today.

    I didn't know about the limit until I was about to pay my seller last week. :sad: Any idea how long would it take to appear? Do I have to apply for a new number again?
  2. Do you mean 4th May or 27th April? If it was 27th April then it should have appeared by now, if it was the 4th May then you need to give it until about Wednesday this week.

    You could always give Paypal a call
  3. Hi Mooks,

    Thanks for the reply! It's last Friday, 4th May. I will wait a little longer. :smile:
  4. I think it depends upon the bank.
    My 4 digit code appeard (on my ONLINE statement) in 3 days!

    I love this, becaues you can withdraw and unlimited amount!!! I use PayPal for more then eBay! My parents send me Bday & Xmas and other gift $$$ via PayPal!
  5. It probably came in too late to appear on your most recent statement. A quick way to access the number is to register online account. Your recent transactions will provide numbers. Good Luck.