Paypal email scam...beware

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  1. I received an email last night from"paypal" saying that my account access was temporarily suspended due to a report of credit card theft. Very legit looking email asking me to log in, etc...also had info on how to spot spam emails and I almost fell for it but, thankfully did not. I forwarded it to and they replied this morning that it was in fact spam. Just passing on the info....beware and be careful out there.:tdown:
  2. Paypal and eBay will NEVER send you an e-mail with a link to log in, if you get one then delete
  3. PayPal and ebay never requests personal information of any kind via email.:wtf:
  4. Big 'ol SCAM!
  5. Thats so wrong!
  6. does anyone know how they get your email? i keep getting these scam emails sent to my old paypal account email address (paypal account closed since last year, so i know theyre not legit emails) i thought ebay doesn't release email accounts.....
  7. Yup, just forward it then delete it.
    Another way you can be sure it's spam is to let your cursor hover over the link in the email (but DON'T click it). It will give you a popup showing the full link that it directs you to and you can automatically tell that it is most definitely not from can do this with the fake ebay emails as well.