PayPal eChecks.... need help asap!!

  1. Here's the story... :crybaby:

    So I'm dumb and can't learn... I opened another paypal account w/ my moms name and address. They froze my account because: I couldn't withdraw more than $500.00. I was waiting for my debit card to arrive to add and confirm it (the bank account was already confirmed). So I had two payments come in for a total of $2300.00, I sent them to my friend that has had her paypal account for 7 years.

    I sent them to her so she can withdrawal and then send me the money. So I wake up and they freeze both of our accounts because of this I'm thinking...

    Then on the other hand, I have two payments going out w/ total of a little of $5k. They've already withdrawn the money from my bank account... does that mean they will still go through?

    I'd appreciate any help or information! :s I asked my sellers if they got any notification of cancellation, but they both said no. They can't cancel the transactions on their side either... so I don't know whats going on.

    Thanks in advance for your help ladies! I really appreciate it!! :flowers:

    (p.s. I haven't even though about the $2300.00 yet.. what will happen to that?!)
  2. ^ you lost me at your first sentence. they froze your account because you can't withdraw more than $500?? that doesn't make any sense to me...

    when i was only able to withdraw $500, i was still able to get funds in, they just weren't going out of the account until i upgraded it.

    what's ur friends withdrawl limit?

    if the 5k is already gone, then the payment already went through.

    have u called paypal?
  3. lol sorry I knew it was confusing when I read it myself.

    It's a new account, so you have to do two of three things to lift your withdrawal limit. It's set at $500.00 if you don't do the two things.

    The three things are:
    - Confirm bank account (I did this)
    - Enroll in expanded use (was waiting to do this but needed debit card)
    - Confirm ss#

    Since I only had a $500.00 limit which I already used to w/d a previous transaction, I couldn't w/d anything else until I completed another step.

    Yes my friends account didn't have a w/d limit.

    Haven't called paypal. I just e-mailed them my information they requested.
  4. The other with the payments is that the "clearing date" for one item is Jan 15 (tomorrow) and Jan 16. Are you sure they went through?
  5. You won't know for sure until tomorrow, if everything is legit & there are enough funds coming from the other parties account, then everything should go through smoothly.
  6. I think that was a lot of money to move around in a short period of time - is your Paypal account just recently opened? I am sure this probably caught the attention of their fraud dept. (I am not saying you were committing any). They probably want to check things out to prevent fraud.
  7. The account I opened wasn't a regular account as well. It was a business account. When you open a business account you tell them how much you expect to do in a month. I selected the 5-10k a month option. So they had to have expect it already.
  8. I dont understand the 2nd part, where you said you have $5K going out...

    I think they froze both your accounts because its kind of suspicious that youre sending so much money to another PP account...KWIM?
  9. $500 limit.

    You moved almost $7300. Regardless of account status this would raise some flags.
  10. Anyone that opens an account only has a $500.00 withdrawal limit.

    2nd part was that I am sending two payments out that total about $5k.

    I guess I just have to wait and see what happens.