Paypal Echeck Questions & long rant (sorry)

  1. I have been buying (selectively) and selling on ebay since 1997 and this is the first time I have ever sold anything and had a buyer tell me it's not as described. She is upset that these boots aren't black:
    eBay: SIGERSON MORRISON BOOTS SIZE 6M BLACK METALLIC GLAZE (item 290043298073 end time Nov-01-06 03:41:02 PST)
    They actually ARE black, but with a metallic glaze, as described more fully in a separate email to her inquiry. I said "there's a subtle bronze metallic glaze in certain light (as opposed to a matte jet black)." She now wants to return them, wants a refund up front (don't worry--that won't happen). I offered to exchange them for another pair I have, same brand, same size (different style, but also flat high zippered boot) in a flat black, but she wants a full refund, which makes me suspect that they simply don't fit because she asked me ahead of time about the amount of room in the calf. At any rate, even though my listing says No Returns, I said that since she was new (2 feedback, no high end items), I would take them back IF they were returned in the same unworn condition, and would refund minus shipping, ebay fees and paypal fees. She paid by e-check. She is issuing veiled threats to "make trouble" if I don't refund her everything and do it in advance (I have already told her no I won't do this in advance and won't refund my fees and shipping). My question is--what kind of trouble can she make? I'm not sure of the difference between an echeck and a credit card paypal payment in this respect. She is a Verified Sender with an unconfirmed address listed and ineligible for seller protection--I think that this is because she's so new? This is why I don't sell high end bags to people with less than 10 feedback usually! I think I need to extend that policy to everything, maybe. How do I protect myself? (CAN I protect myself). She has acknowledged receiving the item in her emails to me which I've saved. I want to avoid her ending up with both the boots and the payment. I've already accepted that she's undoubtedly going to neg me. I just don't want her to cheat me. TIA
  2. well she is probably going to put in an item not as described claim on paypal but a claim takes a long time to resolve. i think you should just offer her a return the way you stated and see if she takes it. shes making a big deal out of nothig basically. ive had people do that to me so now i put it in my auctions that they are never going to get back shipping ebay paypal fees. honestly theres not much she can do because its only an extra 25 bucks or something so i cant see paypal giving her the claim, esp when you say you will refund her. good luck!
  3. Thanks. She now has agreed to send the boots back first. I've always had a disclaimer of no returns in my auctions. Do you think I should modify my disclaimer and specify that fees won't be returned? Have you found that having it specified in your auctions has increased your returns?
  4. I can't imagine any seller returning money before getting their merchandise back. glad it has worked out for you
  5. Thanks--I wouldn't say it's worked out entirely. I'm sure she's going to neg me as soon as she gets her refund. There doesn't seem to be any way around that other than giving in to what I consider feedback extortion. Ah well...