Paypal echeck question... please help!!

  1. To cut the long story short... I received an echeck payment a few days ago (Sep 4th 07). It was meant to clear by Sep 7th but when I logged in to PayPal today the expected clearing date changed to Sept 20th!

    Is it normal to take this long and is it likely that it could be delayed even further?

    By the way, the sale date was Aug 26th so it has been a while. The buyer was meant to send me instant payment in Australian Dollars, this is because she was asking for two weeks for payment and I didn't want to risk exchange rate fluctuations, and she agreed. But she somehow ended up sending me echeck in USD. She said she forgot :sad: I can't even refund her echeck until it clears, because if I do the money will be taken out of my bank account.

    Is the only way is just to wait? Sep 20th is way too long and I'm worried that there will be further issues.

    Would really appreciate your opinions... thank you.
  2. Lovensparkle, from my own experience I've found that cheques from US buyers usually clear within 3 days - it's much longer other countries, even UK. If a cheque fails to clear in the initial estimate that paypal indicates, it's usually coz the buyer doesn't have that money in their bank account. Have you checked with the buyer as to why it's taking so long?

    I know it's a long wait for cheques to clear, but it's better for you in terms of fees because you pay a fix rate rather than a percentage of the total. I'm not sure what they do about the exchange rate though.
  3. september 20th is a long wait, but i'm not sure of many over options, if you like, i have a paypal customer service phone number if you would rather speak to them

    edit: i made a thread with the phone numbers that i had
  4. Thank you leanbeanee & luxoleather... Yes the buyer is in US. She said she doesn't know what's going on either... she will phone PayPal tomorrow and get back to me.

    I really don't understand how it works... if the common cause is there's not enough money in the buyer's account, then why not PayPal just cancel the payment rightaway and consider it a bounced cheque!? :cursing:
  5. I have dealt with quite a few Electronic Checks with my auctions and they sometimes take a week to clear........standard procedure.

    This is why in my auctions I state" Credit Card Payments through Paypal only. If you write this and they use a check you have the right to cancel the auction. I would tell her if it does turn out to be less for the exchange you want her to send you the difference......Only fair!!!!!

    If she refuses you have to just chalk it up to experience and move on.....hope this helps.
  6. I wouldn't mind if it's a week but 20th Sep is more than 2 weeks from date of payment... I just hope it wont get pushed back again. Has anyone else experienced such a long delay?
  7. That happened to me and that was the reason that I now refuse e-check payments. The clear date changed to almost 3 weeks later, the buyer kept giving me the runaround, I got fed up. I ended up refunding their e-check payment which just cancelled it out. I finally heard from them a month later, some story that they were ripped off via identity theft for $60K...still wanted to know if the bag was available, though. I deleted that email and never responded, never heard back.
  8. Are we able to refund a pending echeque? I tried to do that however before I confirmed the refund, there was a note that if there are no funds in my paypal account the refund will be taken out of my bank account. So I didn't end up doing it.
  9. be patient , they do take forever in the u.k so perhaps its the same with you , 3 weeks is nothing !! think of the paypal fees you willl be saving , they don't charge much for echeques
  10. Well I was promised payment by August 8th... that's already two weeks from end of auction. To be honest the savings in paypal fees will not be much as I was supposed to be paid in AUD but the echeque is in USD. And there's exchange rate movements to consider which can make a big difference to the amount I will receive.