Paypal echeck, buyers demands immediate shipping


Jan 23, 2009
Hi all!
Until today, I did not realize PP allows payment via echeck.
A buyer used BIN to purchase an item from me using echeck via PayPal.
The payment has not yet cleared and I messages the buyer to advise I would ship as soon as payment clears.
I even copied/pasted the blurb in the email I received from PP when I was notified of the payment.
The buyer is now demanding (rather rudely) that I ship the item right away because they used BIN,
To their credit I did not specify in my listing that item will be shipped "upon clearing of payment" because I did not foresee this situation.
Any advice on how to handle this? I do not want negative FB (based on the message from this buyer, I can imagine they'd leave neg FB) but I do not want to ship the item before payment clears....TIA!
Apr 15, 2007
you might get lucky... keep checking to see if the check clears earlier

but sometimes there is a problem & you may not know for a few extra days..

If the buyer isn't willing to understand, you may have to think about a

mutual cancellation as if the payment does clear on the 9th she may not get it

by the 12th unless you send it overnight at your expense..

but truthfully, you have to be careful with e- checks and would not

ship until the payment has cleared...


Aug 19, 2009
I would't blame yourself in that you weren't clear in stating about echecks take time to clear.

Your buyer already knows this because Paypal tells them that when paying by echeck it takes xyz amount of days for payment to clear.

If you'er both in the states it should clear by the 10th at the latest.

Technically, you can't even print a label prior to a check clearing because checkout is not completed until the check clears.
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Dec 21, 2008
I don't know if it's PayPal or eBay "policy" per se, but I do know that if you tried to print a shipping label before the echeck clears, PayPal will bring up a message warning you not to ship until the payment clears.... I think your buyer is being unreasonable, asking for you to ship it without receiving payment yet - or they at least don't understand the echeck process -- it's not YOUR fault their payment wasn't an instant transfer. My guess is that, had they had a credit card/debit card as a backup source of funding instead of a checking account/echeck, their payment would probably have cleared right away... Wonder if they realize this could happen with future purchases as well.... Bottom line - I vote that you wait to ship it - for all you know, the check could bounce! Good luck!


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Mar 28, 2006
How about telling them that if they need the item immediately they can cancel the echeck payment and then pay by credit card? Is that possible? If they wanted it ASAP, they should have used a payment method that allows for immediate shipping.


Jan 23, 2009
Thanks everybody! I advised that if it's urgent to ship, we can cancel the transaction and they can try to buy from another seller (though honestly I imagine they will have this same problem)....guess we will see! I definitely believe at this point, the buyer was fully aware it would take time for the payment to clear. Maybe they were just hoping I'd ship prior to payment clearing? Either way, I will not be shipping until it clears!


Feb 22, 2011
Definitely don't ship it out before it clears. I have had a number of buyers who pay with an echeck--intentionally knowing that they don't have the money to avoid the "immediate payment with BIN" option. I've also had several declined echeck payments