Paypal/ebay protection question. HELP

  1. If I buy something off of eBay and pay directly via paypal am I protected? The item I am purchasing is a $2800 LV bag and seller is allowing me to make two payments. Any ideas? I have heard many bad stories that people receive fakes and do not get their money back, as once seller takes out the money from their paypal account, then there is no way for buyer/paypal to get the money back from the seller unless they put money back in their account. Would I be more protected if I paid via credit card, bank transfer or check?

    The item I am buying is authentic. Help, what should I do?
  2. I would advice against it... you will not have the same protection you have when buying through eBay.

    Your situation is a bit unique ... What is the sellers feedback? how long is the seller on eBay ?
  3. I'm you mean you are doing an "off-site" Ebay deal? Or you are just buying it off of Ebay?

    I can help if you answer these questions.
  4. you would be most protected using a credit card and paypal and ebay. only because if things didn't go right, you could always do a chargeback if needed.
  5. Sellers feedback is 33 positive. I saw the item on ebay and have been chatting with the seller since the item was listed. Seller and I agreed on a price which was higher than her starting price. I was going to wait until last minute to bid, to ensure that our agreed amount would win. Unfortunately as I was trying to place my bid, my computer/AOL internet connection was going really really slow, so I figured I would re-start my computer (usually works fine after that). By the time I did this, auction ended. The winner has Zero feedback and located out of the US. It clearly states in her auction that she will accept international bidders as long as they are verified with paypal. Well the buyer wants to pay via money order and not thru paypal. Seller told me she will accept our previous agreement as the seller that won, won't be completing the transaction.
  6. Seller said instead of relisting in a special auction for me, that should just send me a paypal invoice to save on the ebay fees, which she passed on to me. So instead of $2950, I was to pay her $2800 via paypal. I have done off ebay deals before with let-trade and a few other people on ebay without a problem, but they all hundreds of feedback, and this seller only has 33. I need advice.
  7. 1) Are you sure the winning bidder isnt some sort of shiller?
    2) Off Ebay transaction means you are going to pay via a money request. You will have little to no protection
    3) Call your cc company to see if you have chargeback protection for a transaction such as may not
  8. Yeah I will be paying via money request. I will call my credit card company and see what they say.
  9. Ok...then all the protection will come from your cc will not have any through Paypal.
  10. ^i agree, paypal would only care if you receive A package or not and not what you receive. your only protection would then be through your credit card
  11. I just wanted to state that when paying a money request, I dont even think you have INR protection.
  12. what is INR protection?
  13. INR=Item not received
  14. Instead of paying her pay request, would it be better if I send payment from my side to her? I just want to complete this transaction with the best protection possible.
  15. Honestly, you aren't going to have Paypal protection unless you do the transaction through Ebay. If you were to purchase an item on a non Ebay site and pay w/Paypal, you only get item not received protection. You don't get SNAD (significantly not as described) protection on other sites...just Ebay. So your only other safety net is your credit card company. You need to tell them very specifically HOW you are paying them. Because paying a money request on Paypal isn't the same as paying a merchant.