Paypal Ebay fakes... I know the secret

  1. SO i want to help everyone out here when it comes to buying bags on eBay!!
    here it goes

    When you buy a bag on eBay MAKE SURE YOU USE PAYPAL it is the best way trust me! WHen you get the bag take it into the store say MARC JACOBS take it into the boutique and authenticate it if you cant take it into the store post pictures on the authenticate forum here on purse forum.. If you find out its fake even 3 months LATER of having it your still secure! You can freeze their paypal account send in a letter to eBay and they will make sure you get your money back NO MATTER WHAT! Ebay is so against fakes. But if you dont pay through paypal then you are screwed. Or if you bought something off of craigslist and you used paypal your screwed.. Paypal only backs you through ebay.. WHich is sad... but true... Once you report to ebay and paypal then you will have to send the seller back the bag with a confirmation number you send to ebay. Once they recieve the bag you automatically get your money. YES This is a hassle because it takes a very very long time up to 2 months maybe 3... SO be CAREFUL
  2. interesting...will keep this in mind. THANKS!!!
  3. I would like to say Yes you get your money back if you purchase a fake but not always.

    I purchased a Louis Vuitton MC speedy when they first came out back in 2003. I paid via paypal using debit card. The second I received the bag it was a total fake, interior was black vinyl, no gold feet/corners and no exterior pocket. I contacted ebay/paypal within minutes and opened a dispute. Long story short I lost my claim and was out $1800 on a fake. Paypal claims my dispute "significantly not as described" did not fall within their criteria. I clearly received a fake and paypal sided with the seller.

    **if seller has emptied their account then you won't get your money back even if you won the claim. Paypal will attempt to get your funds back, but money is not put back into said paypal account then you are out of luck.
  4. I'd like to add to this: when paying by paypal, do NOT use existing funds in your account. ALWAYS pay from your credit card. Why? Because if Paypal denies your claim, you can do a chargeback. I'd also advise against using a debit card, because they don't offer the same protection as credit cards.
  5. that was 2003... i am talking about 2006-2007.. I swear to god I bought marc shoes from a lady on ebay and 3 months later i found out they were fake i contacted paypal froze her account and i got a letter from Nordstroms sayin they were fake and they sent that to ebay within less than 1 month i got my money back and this was after i wore the shoes a lot! 3 months later!!! but this was in 2006...
  6. policies are A LOT different now a lot stronger when it comes to fakes!
  7. The seller obviously had the amount you paid in their acct. My friend just won a claim and only got the $200 Paypal protection offered. She paid $800 for a fake CHanel. Paypal will try to get the rest but from what I have heard from others, that never happens.
    So before you bid over 200 make sure you are protected to 2k. Always pay with a credit card via Paypal.
  8. Nordstroms wrote you a letter saying your MJ shoes were fake? What department did that? Which store?
  9. whoa-ho-ho there!!!
    Please re-read our rules, also try and remember what this Forum is against, probably NOT the best place to offer to buy COUNTERFEIT merchandise.
  10. I don't see anyone advocating the purchase of fakes in this thread. What are you talking about? I'm glad you claim worked out for you, but it doesn't workout for a lot of people even here in 2007. If the seller withdraws all of the money from their account immediately after the sale(which a lot of them do) you are still s**t out of luck no matter what PayPal decides.
  11. I'd like to know what store this was too. I know a lot of stores will possibly verbally tell you that an item is authentic, but will not provide it in writing.
  12. I am in the middle of a claim with Paypal on a fake bag right now! I am really worried, cause eBay's motto seems to be cavete emptor; buyer beware... I hope I get my money back and I hope I can get rid of the fake I am stuck with. :sad:
  13. I think this poster was originally advocating the purchase of fakes, and that is Swanky coming in and replacing what the OP had said.
  14. As stated above....ALWAYS ALWAYS USE A CREDIT CARD!! Then you ALWAYS can do a chargeback and get ALL your money back!

  15. This is true...This is when a chargeback is your only other option. But I believe chargebacks are limited to 2 per year, otherwise your cc company views you with suspicion.