Paypal Donate

  1. What is the paypal donate button at the top of the page for?
  2. I would imagine to donate to this fabulous free site!
  3. I believe that's correct. I imagine it must be pretty expensive having a site that has so many users on it. I hope people donate for Vlad's expense and time!
  4. I'd be happy to donate but would like to know more about it first.
  5. I know I will have to put more info up during the day. As the site is growing insanely, and I believe in keeping the site relatively clean and not overcluttered with ads, I thought I'd put up a donation button which members can use to contribute to our community and help us with hardware and software expenses. :smile:
  6. I hope many people take advantage of this and donate to the PF! We are all very lucky to have this free forum! :smile: Vlad and Megs do a stellar job in all aspects!
  7. Ooh, so glad to see this!
  8. It's a good idea! Some private forums actually make it a requirement for their members to pay a fee each year to help alleviate forum maintenance expenses. Vlad and Megs are giving us a huge break by making this forum and its other services free.
  9. I can´t do it yet, don´t have anything extra:s Hopefully I will be on my feet again money-wise in a couple of months.
  10. DONATE!! Running a site that grows as fast as this can't be cheap or easy. Even if it's just a few $$$ it will help. :smile:
  11. Where it says "payment for" do we put "purse forum"?

    Will it accept the credit card tied to my paypal account or does the donation have to be tied to a bank account?

  12. It's a premier account so it accepts cc. In the subject line I put Purse Forum and my pf sn, but I think you can put whatever you like :smile: HTH
  13. Thanks, harlem_cutie!

    Maybe we are supposed to put "" since that's what it says on the paypal donate page -- just noticed that -- duh!!
  14. I will put up a page with info about all of it tonight!
  15. thanks Vlad.. would be happy to help out in any way I could...