paypal doesn't protect international sales??

  1. i've read that a couple times, but i don't know exactly what it means. how is getting paid for an international sale any different from a domestic one?

  2. Sometimes it is hard for international buyers to have their address confirmed, Paypal won't do it in some areas. They will only protect you if you ship to a confirmed address.
  3. Yup, Paypal will only confirm addresses in the US, UK, and Canada. So, since sellers only getting covered under Paypal's Seller Protection Policy if they ship to a confirmed address, that means every time you ship outside those three countries, or to an unconfirmed address within those countries, you are completely unprotected by Paypal if the buyer makes a claim.

  4. I do very often international sales and with unconfirmed buyers..

    I think i am going to stop this.

    I really don't want to get back fired.
  5. That is true, shipping to an unconfirmed address voids the seller protection but if an item is shipped EMS Express this provides online tracking which is sufficient proof according to paypal and credit card companies that the item was or wasn't delivered should anything go wrong therefore a buyer claiming not to have received shouldn't have their claim approved.

    Whenever I buy or sell internationally I always use express with tracking for both myself and the buyers peace of mind.
  6. I will not accept Paypal from a buyer outside of the US, Canada or UK, only wire transfer. I always ship EMS.
  7. I accept PayPal from all buyers, but I insist on shipping EMS or FedEx if it's an international sale of anything I consider to be a "decent" amount of money.
    It still definitely is no guarantee of seller protection, though, of course.