PayPal "doesn't like chargebacks"

  1. I bought a Chanel Coco Cabas on eBay and after I paid I was browsing through the seller's feedback (I know, should've done that first). Anyway, I see that the seller sold the same exact bag, using the same pics and the same exact serial number!!! The buyer left pos feedback, so it wasn't returned.

    I called my credit card company and they voided the transaction and refunded my money immediately:yahoo: They told me that PayPal could still but the payment through even though it was voided (since it was an authorized transaction), so I called PayPal to let them know I wanted to cancel the transaction. Well... they were not happy. PayPal told me that they do not like chargebacks and that they will dispute this in the seller's favor. Because I went through my credit card company for a chargeback, PayPal is going to take the seller's side!?!

    I only processed the payment an hour ago, so the item hasn't even been shipped... I contacted the seller, but no response...

    Should I be worried? Do you think PayPal will put the payment through my credit card anyway? Any experience with this? TIA!
  2. I haven't any experience of this but I understand it from their side. They don't know if the item has been shipped or not so the selle couldhave shipped out the minute you paid - then they give you your money back and the bag also gets to you.
    Contact the seller and explain - maybe she's refund your money and sell to the next highest bidder.
  3. You should at least pay her the fees she is out. I mean, at this point you are just guessing she doesn't have the don't really know.
  4. No merchants like chargebacks. They're monitored by Visa/MC for their chargeback activity, and if it rises beyond certain levels, they have all sorts of extra hoops to jump through (correction plans, etc.) and I think higher fees as well if I remember correctly. I think in this case, Paypal probably also feels that they have lots of processes to go through first, in terms of communicating with the seller, going through their own claim process, etc., before one does a chargeback. But, honestly, I doubt Paypal will do anything, and if they do, there's a good chance it will trigger the fraud detection programs at your card issuer, since it will be same merchant, same amount, etc.

    I definitely think you should communicate with the seller and explain your doubts though. I don't know anything about Chanel, but with Balenciaga, for example, bags from the same style and year often have the same serial, so a seller really could have had two bags with the same serial, and just have re-used the pictures (which I wouldn't be wild about, but wouldn't be the end of the world.)
  5. You can always cancel your credit card.
  6. ^^^Gilliana's advice is good! But I'll just be the one to say it.....ALWAYS check feedback and the seller BEFORE you buy anything!!!!! Honestly, I could understand why Paypal would be ticked off!
  7. If the shipper hasn't sent the bag i really wouldnt worry, but you should tell the seller not to ship it just in case the seller wasnt notified of the chargeback.
    Paypal does not like chargebacks right away because they think you're trying to do a scam.
  8. Thanks for the info everyone. I called PayPal again, and this time I got a really nice rep. He told me that since this is in the dispute stage (and has not been escalated to a claim), I should be fine.

    Now the seller has offered to send the bag COD??? He said I could inspect it and if I decide to keep it then I could pay him. Does that sound too weird/desperate?
  9. Maybe he wants to prove he/she is can still leave feedback for him and he may be worried you will leave something negative.
  10. Maybe the original buyer returned the bag for some reason and left positive feedback because the seller was nice enough to let the buyer return....

    I think you should have waited to hear from the seller before doing anything.
  11. Yea, lots of people return and leave positive without saying bad because they are afraid of retaliatory. Because you don't know for sure, it's hard to win a paypal claim.
  12. I guess I should let him do a COD, right? I mean, what do I have to lose... Does anyone know if I will have problems if I decide not to keep it? Anyone have experience with this before?