paypal dispute

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  1. i got an item from ebay, but the buyer never shipped item, so i opened dispute with paypal.

    paypal refunded my money back,
    and 2 weeks later the buyer also refunded my money back.
    what should i do with this kinda situation?
    jusk keep both refunds?
  2. Do the right thing, inform PP about the double refund then you can take it from there. You're lucky though because most people have a hard time getting any money back.
  3. You should call Paypal and inform them of what happened and they can advice you of what to do.

    Very recently something similar happened to me (without the double refund situation) - I was the seller. I sent a Second Chance offer to another buyer when the person who won the bid told me she cannot buy the item. This was my first time doing Second Chance offers. It seemed like there was a 5 day limit before buyers can respond. I did not get a response after 5 days, then did not go on Ebay for the next two months. Well lo and behold when I got on last week, someone had paid for the item I was selling and was not even hearing from me for two months. I had tons of Ebay emails from him demanding for a return of the money or shipment of the item. I shipped the item ASAP and apologized profusely. USPS tracking says it arrived. I have not heard from him at all, nor did he change his negative rating of me which I was not expecting.

    Just saying...there are two sides to a coin....
  4. you should contact pp and explain.. they will make any correction with funds that

    needs to be done.. your honesty is appreciated..
  5. ITA...You would not want to pay ANY bill 2xs when you do not need to right? Both refunds are coming from this seller so I am sure just something was crossed and you giving one refund back is the correct and right thing to do....VERY good of you to come forward get what you give in life =)
  6. Yes Abbiesmomy, I was going to say that very thing: if you had been CHARGED twice (instead of refunded twice), OP -- or anyone else -- would be very upset! Call PP and see what they want you to do as far as refunding them or the seller.
  7. Definantly call paypal and do the right thing.
  8. yap, thanks guys.
    i 'll let u know what happened.
    when i checked my email today, n the seller told me that she refunded money back, i was like "what da..." cuz i thought paypal refunded my money from HER account. i wonder where paypal got money from? aren't they supposed to deduct money from her?
  9. Trust in Karma to come way beck around and kick you in the butt if you don't return one of the refunds. You got your money back and are in that sense "lucky" - so don't push it.
    Glad to see above that you will do just that :smile:

    Maybe she doesnt realize they deducted it already when she gave a refund as well? Surely she would figure it out sooner or later, and that would look better on you record if you were the one to notify of it :smile:
  10. ITA...GREAT minds think alike...:biggrin::yes:
  11. ITA...She probably has not seen they already have taken it ...but they have if you have 2 refunds...Just call paypal and it will be fixed,and yes the money comes from the seller not paypal...