PayPal dispute

  1. So if any of y'all have been involved in a PayPal dispute, I could use some advice. I sold a wallet before Christmas and shipped it with delivery confirmation. The buyer says that she never received it. The package was confirmed as delivered and the buyer reconfirmed the delivery at her local post office. She contacted me asking me how I would like to handle the situation. We exchanged several e-mails and eventually she decided to submit a claim with PayPal (which has now been escalated to a dispute). I never offered to pay her back for the wallet, and she never asked. Even though I don't believe I did anything wrong, I am nervous about PayPal making the decision for us. Have any of you ever dealt with a situation like this? If PayPal usually sides with the buyer (even if she admits that the post office traced the package back to her house), is it best to offer to split the cost of the wallet with her so I don't lose all the money? I could really use some advice or insight on how PayPal usually makes their decisions. Thanks!
  2. Paypal will look at the tracking number to verify whether an item was not delivered before they refund the buyer.
  3. You did not state how much money was transferred (the bid +shipping), if this was over $250 it is required that the delivery show online signature confirmation.
  4. Thanks for your reply. The amount was less than $250. Do you think I need to be concerned about losing the dispute if they are able to track the package back to her house?
  5. :welcome: if the item can be traced delivered to the buyers address Paypal will rule on sellers favor.

    You should ask your buyer to double check with neighbors or other household members. I had something happen recently with a buyer (during the holidays). She ordered some plates from me in Nov. I sent the order right away. About mid Dec. she emails me asking where the plates were. Ok, so I know I shipped those a long time ago and immediately start looking at this from my end. I looked at the tracking showing delivered within three days of me shipping. I email her, ask her to check with other people at her home. Come to find out the husband had ordered gifts for her online and picked the packages and hid them in the attic. All along the plates were safe and sound in there.
  6. was the buyers address a confirmed address?
  7. Thank goodness you have the tracking number and it shows delivered..Paypal will back YOU...
    Make sure the buyer realizes the Paypal address which is registered with Paypal is not your responsiblity to be correct, but the buyers.
    This situation happened and fortunately for the buyer, they knew the people who lived at their old address, it got delivered so I would have won, and it was to the correct address too...
    After shipping item is sent, with a confirmation number on First Class and Priority, your job is DONE..but I still contact my post office and make every attempt to find it, but I could NOT afford to take the hit of someone not getting in the mail...and shouldn't have to take that hit..especially when I recommend insurance and its up to the buyer.
    Hope this helps and gives you a little hope.
  8. I'll suggest she check around, thanks for the advice. The address was confirmed and I even have an e-mail from the buyer stating that she went to the post office and they traced the package back to her house. Hopefully I'll be getting my money back!
  9. Yeah ummm...The SELLER is responsible for the item being received successfully by the customer. The SELLER is responsible for insuring the package - you can put whatever lingo you want to in your listings - but ultimately it is on the seller. As a seller it is best to just build the insurance fees into the shipping cost. If the buyer doesn't take the option and the package doesn't let there safe-it is SNAD. It is always on the seller. :yes:
  10. I guess I'm not quite understanding what the problem is if the buyer had reconfirmed delivery?

    You have proof that it was delivered. All you can do is submit every piece of evidence you have.
  11. If the item has gone missing, why can't you claim from the post office??

  12. Agrees. As a seller my shipping fees always include insurance. That way I'm following eBay's policies and also cma.:yes:
  13. Thanks everyone for you imput. I posted the seller's e-mail to me stating that she confirmed the delivery to her house at the post office. Has anyone gone through a situation like this themselves?