Paypal dispute

  1. Oh man, I can't believe my luck!!!! I bought 2 bags from 1 eBay seller (payship) and she refused to reply my email on delivery confirmation. Requests for refunds (if she didn't ship) was ignored. I have filed a claim with paypal and she didn't respond (it's the 2nd day now)....To my horror, I found out that paypal only covers up to $200 (less $25 for processing) and the bags I bought was well above $200. What can I do? The seller ( payship) refuse to talk at all:confused1:
  2. To be honest, I don't think you can do anything at all - unless you paid by CC, they might do a chargeback for you. if you search this forum there are a lot of threads where people have shared their experiences! I don't know anything about chargebacks....
  3. If the seller has money in their paypal account, then you'll get all your money back if the seller can't provide proof that you've received the bag.

    Does the seller have good feedback? If so, please be patient. The seller might have other pressing matters so they haven't been able to log on. Request the seller's phone number from eBay and give the seller a call. Don't panic yet. How long has it been?
  4. it's the SELLER'S resposibility to MAKE SURE you get your items, if she does not buy insuraance, deliery confirmation, etc. . . it's HER problem, not yours.
    If you don't get your items within 10 days, FILE, eBay/Paypal sides w/ the BUYER 95% of the time.
  5. payship is one of those sellers who gets away with exhorbitant shipping! I thought Paypal insured your purchase up to 2000.00? However, you are correct. No shipment....seller must'll get all your money back. Don't file through Ebay, thats the 25.00 fee way. Go straight to Paypal. payship does enough business that Paypal will get their money.
  6. The sucky thing, i paid by paypal funds, not cc!

    eBay: NEW Dooney & Bourke Signature Denim Banana Bag SOLD OUT (item 170086252512 end time Mar-04-07 20:07:13 PST)

    See her auctions, despite her high ratings, she is only covered up to $200 and I wonder why. Ebay/paypal should just suspense her from selling. I saw another rating from another buyer , saying 1 month, no emails and no jacket! What an *@)(!)*#@!

    For me, I have given up waiting for a reply and file claim with paypal. Now she still has not responded to paypal claim, however, she still can list new bags for sale!! I wonder why???

    It seems that she 's not under paypal protection, but buyer complaint, so even i file through paypal , there is $25 processing file. Well, It's just my luck! Please folks, don't buy from her to save yourself the pain
  7. oh no. good luck. def do a pp dispute immediatey! keep us posted!