Paypal dispute with buyer Please Help

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  1. Hi guys. I'm not an ebay expert or anything but I recently sold my iphone and everything was working fine as of the day I sold it. The buyer has received it and now wants a refund saying that the wi-fi goes in and out and that it lags. He has opened a claim on paypal saying the product is significantly not as described, but I described the phone saying it has been dropped many times and had included many pictures showing the damage on ebay. I had been using the phone a week before I sold it and everything was working fine. The thing is I specifically said No Returns or Refunds in my auction and put SOLD AS IS. Also, the buyer understands that it was in poor condition and even states that in his dispute and says that he was going to take it so how can he claim that it was not? Now my question is does the buyer have a legit dispute or should I just escalate it so paypal can decide? Please help!

    Link to the sold item

    Thanks for your help!!
  2. Sorry, my friend, but no one buys an iphone expecting it not to work. One thing is scratches, another thing is the item not functioning. You did not state "this iphone might not be/is not in working condition"; and if you did, who would buy it? The "no returns, no refunds" means absolutely nothing on fBay because of buyer's protection. This is a legit SNAD claim that the buyer will when if escalated. I would request the iphone to be mailed back and refund the buyer immediately upon receiving it. Good luck!
  3. yup, agree with karmen
  4. I am sorry to sound brutal, but the buyer is right, and will get their refund. Are not you ashamed of having someone paid $200+ for something that has been dropped many times (your listing does not mention this). It should have been recycled for free, not sold. Poor buyer! I hope you refund immediately and pay for his return shipping.
  5. Refund the buyer and take back the phone, it's the right thing to do! You should not have sold that phone to anyone. Would you want something that was dropped and not taken care of sold to you, I doubt that you would.
  6. You didn't mention in your listing that the phone had been dropped many times and wasn't working properly. Therefore the buyer is right to make a claim and yes, they will win. Your phone was not honestly described and you've wasted the buyer's time. Apologize to the buyer, request the phone back and refund the buyer ASAP including their shipping costs.
  7. Thanks everyone for your advice. I am getting the phone back and will be giving them a refund. Thanks for your help.
  8. Wait, I happen to disagree with others. If she was using it the week before and the phone was working fine I doubt the wifi all of a sudden just dropped out.

    I would actually wonder if they had a good enough signal wherever they were and asked if they attempted to restore the phone or visit an Apple store first. [restore would have likely fixed the "lagging" and possibly the wifi issue]

    I am on my 8th iPhone (6 originals and my second 3G which had to be replaced within 24 hour of purchase). These phones are not as reliable as we would like them to be and the "lagging" could have been from the apps they loaded, bugs in the software, etc... I personally had backups take 8+ hours on the phone I exchanged RIGHT before I bought a new 3G phone.

    The OP (IMO) was just admitting the phone had previously been dropped but all the things that the person mentioned didn't have to be the result of physical damage.

    OP- you are already accepting the phone back, but make sure THEY didn't drop it and are now trying to give you a damaged phone back. Also, make sure the serial numbers match (I wouldn't want them to send you a non-working phone for the one you sent that was working).

    Finally, did the phone have any remaining warranty? When you get it back, check it out, and if the phone isn't working attempt to take it back to Apple for a repair OR relist as non-functioning. For originals, the non-functioning still fetch around $200 believe it or not.

    I just sold both my originals two weeks ago. The second buyer gave me good feedback, but the first hasn't yet. I try not to worry :smile:

    I just know how easy they are to damage or the software to be buggy (neither of which if YOUR problem if you sent a working phone out.)

    SO SORRY you had a bad experience.