Paypal Dispute Question

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  1. Hello! I have a question about a dispute I opened on Paypal. I bought a bag from a seller in the UK that was advertised authentic and received a fake bag. After unsuccessfully trying to contact the seller to refund me my money if I send her the bag I decided to open a Paypal dispute. To make a long story short, the bag was sent, I was refunded the payment but I forgot that prior to getting the refund, I had removed the credit card I used to purchase the bag from my list of Paypal credit cards in my profile.

    My question is, since the card is no longer in my Paypal profile, and the refund issued supposedly goes directly to the credit card, where did my refund go? Does Paypal still keep a record of the credit cards in all the transactions even if I had manually deleted it from my profile?

    Any help will be greatly appreciate.
  2. Call paypal, I am sure they will refund back to original card used even though its not in your profile. As long as the card is still valid it will go back to that card.
  3. call you cc company, and check if there's been a credit to your cc
  4. Probably worth calling and asking paypal, but I can't see why it would be different to online stores that issue refund. The stores don't (shouldn't) have your credit card number when they issue refunds... maybe all they need is a transaction number. :shrugs: Worth asking, in case the refunds doesn't clear.
  5. Thank you, everyone!
  6. This has happened to me once and I think it was credited back to my CC. Otherwise I would imagine it would sit in your Paypal account until you told them how to dispurse the money.
  7. You should be able to find out if it was refunded to the CC by going into your paypal account.