Paypal Dispute advice sought...

  1. Hey Pursefans!

    I need some advice...

    I'm currently in a Paypal dispute with a seller who sold me boots that were not as described (he listed the size as US size 6 when in fact it was UK size 6...basically, 2 sizes larger than a regular US size). I requested to return them to him and asked for a refund. He took 2 weeks to respond and told me that the item was as described. I then opened up a Paypal dispute to get the ball rolling on getting a claim. Sent the dude 2 emails through Paypal explaining how US and UK shoe sizing is different, and again asked for a refund. He responded through regular email (not through Paypal) telling me to send the shoes back and he will refund me. I send the boots to him (Signature confirmation and Insured) on 1/19 and according to the package tracking. To this day he still hasn't signed for/received them.

    Today was the last day to escalate the dispute to a claim, which I did. He finally emails me back (again, through regular email and not the Paypal dispute resolution center) apologizing, and refunds the money but not through the dispute channel I filed.

    Now here's the rub. He hasn't communicated at all with me through Paypal, and only through regular email. He hasn't even picked up/signed for the package yet. But, I have the money in my Paypal account. Should I go ahead and cancel the claim, or wait for him to sign for the package?

    I feel uncomfortable...Paypal only has a one-sided record of the dispute because the seller has not communicated through the dispute forum, and only through regular email. Should I go ahead and cancel the claim now that he has sent the money? Or should I wait til he finally signs for the package?
  3. sorry for typo up there.. anyway once you cancel you cannot refile it. do not even talk to him w/out going through paypal dispute that is bascially why you choose to open claim is to let them mediate. good luck!
  4. hmm you have money in your account from the seller, I would cancel it. You have what you wanted and he "should have" the shoes he just needs to go pick them up.

    If the money is there transfer it to your bank or take it out and close the case
  5. Sounds like your seller sent the money thru the "SEND" money tab. Correct? I believe money sent thru this method cannot be claimed/disputed back.

    I think it is ok to close the claim. Or if you want let the claim stay open until the seller updates his part of the story. Seller can request Paypal close the claim all he has to do is provide evidence that they refunded you - he just needs to give them the transaction number, thru the console. Ask the seller to do so.
  6. I totally agree with mmmpurses on this and could not have said it better. Just be sure to save all correspondence so nothing comes back to bite you. Congratulations on getting your $$$ back after that long wait. I love happy endings. :tup:
  7. Well I think you should posted the situation in the claim. Something like " the seller agreed to sent me a refund, PayPal transaction #******. Claim will be close once seller confirm thiese details" Also post the delivery and tracking information too.

    Is important because if he sent the money thru the "send money option" and not the "refund buyer" He can always come back and file a claim for the money he sent you.
  8. Yes, he sent the money through "Send Money" and not "Refund Money".

    I'm confused though. So it's certain that if he sent the money via "Send Money", he can't reclaim it at all?

    It also sucks because Paypal took out $1.75 in fees since I'm receiving the money. In effect I'm not getting the full refund :tdown::cursing:
  9. Yeah... if he was smart, he would have refunded you the proper way, because when a seller refunds the money, THEIR fee is reduced! By doing it this way, PayPal is getting twice the fees from you both. (He got charged when you paid, now you're getting charged as he sends you money.)

    I'd reject it and tell him to send it to you through the claim the PROPER way. You should talk to PayPal and they will advise you to do the same.
  10. You can either refund HIS money and ask him to refund you thru the claim OR ship the booots back thru the PayPal shipping service and record the tracking on his payment.
  11. Technically it does not state so anywhere in Paypal - but they do show an example of what happens when someone makes a mistake sending to the wrong email address using the "send money" tab - see how this example works here:

    Question: I sent money to the wrong email address, but the payment is completed. What do I do?
    Answer: PayPal cannot reverse payments that have been claimed. We recommend that you contact your recipient directly and make arrangements to have the money refunded to you via PayPal or another method of your choosing.

    See what I mean?