Paypal dispute advice/help

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  1. Hello ladies/gents (?!) I'm after some advice if possible.

    I bought something from a German seller in December. A month later my parcel still hadnt arrived so i questioned the seller about it's whereabouts. She told me that she had sent the package on the 21st and from the tracking information it had ended up in Amsterdam but as there was no signature she couldnt tell me where or who had signed for them. When i finally managed to figure out how to track my parcel on the german website, i noticed my package had been delivered on the 24th Dec. I paid for my item on 22nd Dec so how could she have sent them on the 21st and also, they wouldnt have arrived in the UK within 2/3 days esp at christmas time!

    Anyhow, she has entered the tracking number on the dispute. Although it says delivered, it doesnt say where it was delivered to. I spoke to PP customer services and apparently its on file that she admitted the tracking information she had entered is not for my parcel as she sent it untracked and uninsured. They also said on the proof of postage she faxed in, it doesnt say my address or postcode anywhere. I was supposed to get an answer today regarding my dispute but they have said they are finding it difficult to reach a decision and it will take longer. I'm just confused about it all especially after she has said she has lied.

    I feel a little upset about it as this woman has openly admitted that the tracking number isnt for my parcel yet it still remains on the dispute. It was only for £100 but still, its my money :sad:
  2. Whoa, thats a crazy one. Im sure this will all be decided in your favour though, what an ***** seller, not just to ship uninsured and without tracking, but lying about the tracking no too.

    You are at fault in NO WAY here, so there should not be a problem in getting your money back. Just sucks that you have to go through it...

    keep us posted on the outcome!
  3. Call PP back. You will get a diff rep this time. Talk to a supervisor if need be.
    READ the PP User Agreement for the seller's country for SELLER PROTECTION. If she did not comply w/ PP terms, then specifically point this out to PP and ask why a decision in your favor has not been reached...?
    Sometimes it takes numerous calls to actually get a person who can help you. And sometimes you have to point out their own rules and policies to them.
    Give it another go.....
  4. I called up this morning again to ask what the reason was for it taking 'extra time' The rep i spoke to just he would close the dispute by 12.30 .... its now 16.30 and its still not closed, just says 'case under review' again.
  5. Well, i just called up and guess what, case closed and my money was refunded :smile:

    Thanks Ellie for suggesting i call again!
  6. GOOD. Glad that worked out for you! I once called PP 4 times in 1 day, and it was the 4th agent who understood my issue AND had the knowledge to assist. Sometimes, you just have to persevere.

  7. Good and yes, you have to keep calling PP til you get a resposive person....
  8. I think throughout this dispute i must have spoken to 6 reps! I just couldnt understand why they allowed the tracking number to stay as part of the dispute when she openly admitted to them that she had lied about the number being to my parcel. I never did get a proper reason why from anyone! Just glad i got my money back.
  9. :goodpost:

  10. Gracias, Chica. It does not always work, but worth a try, eh??;)
  11. Now, what sort of feedback do you think would be appropriate? She had always been lovely up until the point i questioned the tracking number ... she got a little angry when i told her she was lying about it!
  12. Give her the feedback she deserves to warn other buyers, i say. Dont be mean, just be factful.
  13. Yes your right. I wouldnt want her to try and pull a fast one on other ebayers too. I dont like leaving negative FB but thinking about it, she tried to keep my money!!